Sunday, September 19, 2010

catching up in pictures

A face only a mother could love. Doesn't he look like a gremlin?

I caught him watching the Labor Day Telethon. Hopefully he didn't figure out how to dial the phone and make a million dollar pledge.
Every fall we do a really fun family activity. Our local mega-discount store will sell cotton t-shirts for about a dollar each. We load up on them, then using the same technique as tie-dying, we place rubber bands all over the shirts. Now here is the twist. We don't use dye, we use bleach water. Toss them in, soak until you like the color then rinse well.
Next, toss them in the washer and wash on cold with soap. Remove the rubber bands and dry.
The result are cool custom shirts for very little money. They are perfect for playing, sleeping in, and even wearing to school.
I tried to make this one look like bubbles.
Levi riding Buster. He isn't really putting any weight on him, but I thought the look on Buster's face was so comical!
Levi is my kitchen helper. Here he is cutting up celery while also wearing his ninja sword. Reminds me of John Belushi and his character on SNL.
Levi learned how to blow bubbles with bubble gum.
Levi learned what happens when you blow a really big bubble.
The re-decorated and painted boys bathroom. Much lighter and cleaner with the fresh scrubbable paint.

That's all folks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I needed that! Brought smiles. Nice break from a working Sunday (large grant deadline - remember those??)


Reba said...

Love the pictures!