Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Man, What a BRAT

There is a phenom in the blog world where if you post something good, the fates will immediately and savagely reverse whatever goodness you posted about and cause you to beg for forgiveness from the Blog Gods on your hands and knees. It may or may not take much suffering and sacrifice before the fates forgive you and back off.

I should have known better than to post how well he was doing. The fates have thrown it in my face good these past few days. Wave after wave of awful behavior, each day bringing new and unforseen misery upon me.

He played in the mud then tracked it all over the house. Even on one bed, where I caught him bouncing on it like a small maniac in his muddy madness.

He threw his breakfast on the floor, then also dumped Levi's on the floor for good measure.

He peed where he wasn't supposed to, not once, not twice, but THREE times. He tried to hide them (sort of) but the smell gave him away.

He bit me, then bit Ahren. Tried to pass it off as playing and being funny. It wasn't. Funny that is.

He tore up several toys. Pulled the stuffing out of Levi's turtle he won at Disney World. Tried to pretend it wasn't him.

He ripped up some blueprints that Chris left in the hallway. Luckily they were old and intended for artistic purposes only.

He thinks it is hilarious to randomly tackle anyone who is unsuspecting and turns their back.

He ran out the front door when I was getting a package from the UPS man and refused to come back inside. That one made me mad enough I smacked his butt really HARD when he finally did come back in.

So which one is driving me mad? Pushing my buttons? About to get sent off to boarding school?

Not this boy. he is doing really well besides some ornery behavior that is a cross between annoying and adorable.
Not this boy either. He is always pretty good. A bit ornery too, but also adorable.
And surprisingly, not this boy either! The behavior modifications and medication are working wonders. We are down to one or two time outs and tantrums a day and they are lasting minutes instead of hours.
So who is it that is creating the havoc in my house? It's this one! I think he's getting back at me because I took him in for his little snip-snip doggy procedure last week. Man, what a BRAT!

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