Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still "watching TV" here

So far so good. We had a wonderful weekend. Probably the best one we have had in a couple of months. yesterday morning Ahren had a rough time. Several meltdowns back to back over ridiculous things, and then a huge meltdown in the parking lot of the Children's Museum after their music class. If you saw a frazzled mom dragging a large wailing dark haired boy across the pavement yesterday, I apologize. He decided that I was not holding his hand the way he wanted and threw himself to the pavement in front of an on-coming car. Oh So Not Cool! I had my hands full and ended up grabbing the back of his shirt and pulling him off to the side out of traffic. I then shuffled my load, hauled him up under my arm and headed to the car. One dear sweet woman actually smiled at me and her smile made me feel so much better. It was one of those, "oh you poor dear, hang in there" smiles.

We spent a few minutes in the car reviewing safety rules and why they are so important. I also told Ahren I was very angry with him for risking his safety. I think he was surprised I was so angry and maybe he understood what I was saying. He doesn't hurt me when he talks 'garbage' but if something happened to him it would hurt me terribly because I love him so much. I don't know if he gets that. Then again I probably just informed him of how to really hurt me. gah!

Seth has been awesome since Friday morning, even trying to explain to Ahren what he was doing wrong. That was really sweet. He was trying to help me. Today is going very well so far. I have had to call 'garbage' on them a few times over the past few days, but now it has become a game and they giggle and try and get me to do it. I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. It's working for now and that is the best I can hope for.

Oh, and the look on the museum director's face when Seth told me I was going to make him sleep in the barn for all day and I yelled 'garbage!' was priceless. Hee!!!!!

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