Saturday, December 05, 2009

Time for a Rant

Yesterday it did the impossible. It snowed in southern Texas. Well, nearly impossible and very infrequent anyway, and thank goodness for that because it drove everyone insane. Certifiably temporary insanity. 

Now, where I am located, we got flurries and the ground got wet. To the south of us they actually got an inch or two that stuck to the ground, etc. All day long they had TV footage of the "snow". They gave hourly updates of the "snow". They showed a playground that had "snow" on the slide. They showed weather maps and issued grave warnings about the dangers of ice on the roads. 

And the city SHUT DOWN. Schools closed, games were cancelled, employers sent their employees home early. Oh the PANIC! 

When I went to pick up Levi from school it was still flurrying lightly. It was so pretty and very exciting for kids who have never seen snow. I went early but the car rider line was already backed up a ways so I pulled into line and grabbed my magazine to spend a few quiet minutes. I noticed some commotion outside and realized that some *insert favorite phrase for ignorant* woman had pulled into the car rider line, but then left her vehicle running and gone into the school to get her kids. Apparently waiting the 10 minutes while it was "snowing" was unthinkable and she needed to rescue her babies NOW. Only she had hit the lock button as she left the car and now it sat there running, blocking the car rider line, and securely locked. I watched as she yanked on the doors, alternating between the front and back ones, as if one would magically unlock. 

And then I noticed that there were several other cars in line without drivers. Now there is a full parking lot right there. With empty spots. So why they had to park in the car rider line except it is closer by 20 feet. Because it was 'snowing'. 

They bring the kids out and chaos insues because the people actually IN their cars in line have to weave in and out of the parked cars, while parents dodged in and out of them dragging their kiddos thru the "snow", rushing to get home before they are stranded. 

And I just laughed at their dumbness and taught my kids to catch snowflakes on their tongues.


Mark and Shawna said...

Hi Wendy,
They would never survive in Minnesota. We have 3 inches on the ground and more coming next week. It is COLD here.

Reba said...

I am in Arkansas. We haven't had snow yet but the rare times we get it, we have those same kinds of situations. (I am also a teacher and won't even go there on some of the things we see at dismissal times... :)

Diana said...

Yah. Um. At least you recognize it was "snow." In these parts, they don't cancel anything, even when there's 12+ inches that fall at a time, which happens at least once a year, and usually more. And to make things even more fun, to get anywhere, literally ANYWHERE in this town, you have to go either up a hill or down a hill - and opposite once you return home.

Julie said...

I'm in Buffalo... We'd sit back & laugh at those people!!! :)

Angie said...

Love how you take everything in stride. Especially loved your last sentence. :0)