Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturdays and Simplifying

Today we got up early, got everyone bathed, dressed, fed, combed and brushed and headed off to a birthday party. By 9:30 am we were bowling, followed by pizza, cake and then arcade games. Then we headed to our local blood donor center and Chris and I each donated blood. (That is his sixth donation this year and my fourth) then we headed to Sam's Club to look at refrigerators (which they didn't have) and topped the day with a trip to the grocery store. I don't know how we stand this much excitement, really.  Tonight we have a small friend spending the night. Our sweet Holly is coming for a sleep over while her parents go to a party. She loves noodles so I am making home made chicken and noodles for dinner. I am all about making our guests happy!

I have been thinking about something for quite a while, a number of years really. Christmas ends up being such a stressful time that I don't enjoy it very much and I hate that! So this year I am changing things. Simplifying if you will. Concentrating on the important things like family and the real Christmas meaning. 

So this year I put up our tree, hung up the stockings, will set out the nativity as soon as I can figure out a safe place to put it and that is all. Seriously. You don't believe me? Come see. Not a light in the yard or on the house, no blow up Santas, no tinsel on the stairwell, nothing.  There are moments I miss all the decorations, especially the Snowmen I have collected over the years, but mostly I am just stress-free. The shopping is done, most presents are wrapped and the kids are all enjoying helping wrap each others. I have a couple of packages to mail out and we will be done. 

We will bake cookies and decorate them, build gingerbread houses together, watch movies and drink hot chocolate, read stories out of our children's book of bible stories, and slow down enough to enjoy this holiday. Man it feels good!

One last funny. Here is a string of texts back and forth between me and Ashley this morning. I am still giggling over it!

I notice a missed phone call on my phone from Ash, so I test her and ask if she was trying to reach me.

She texts back: I just needed to talk to Kaytee but I did so it's all good. 

Me: Wah, you didn't want to talk to ME?

Ash: You'll live.

Me: Rude! Santa just took away one of your presents!

Ash: I was kidding! Uhh, sweet baby Jesus Mother Mary of Jerusulam you'll be OKAY!!!

Me: Whew, I feel better. 

Ash: Haha, wow. I'm texting my mom, I have no life......

Me: Yeah, but I am a kewl Mom who can text!

Ash: You can't text!

Me: Yes I can, even with both of my humbs in casts. 

Me: Wait, 'humbs'? Maybe I can't test....I mean text!

Ash: I'm glad you finally appected it. 

Hee, appected! She meant accepted. She's my girl all right!


Angie said...

Can I be your guest? I hate to cook, and love people that cook my favorite things. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Okayy, My spell check didn't have accepted in it, so I had to guess.
Don't judge me woman.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I am TOTALLY with you on the simplifying the holiday thing. Maybe you guessed I would be ha ha. Really though, my kids just don't need more and more stuff. They could use some new socks though. We put up a tree and a few things in our house and that is it. The MIL keeps sending holiday junk she finds under the clearance shelves from 10 years ago (or more) I'm like, I'll put this crap out one time, then its in the trash.
I didn't know YOU knit either! I want to knit complicated beautiful things and I know how to do most of the techniques but it just doesnt happen.

ParkerMama said...

We are also going for simple this Christmas. I am just like you for not liking how busy and stressful this holiday can away from it's true meaning.