Saturday, December 19, 2009

Awesome Evening

Chris is at the deer lease this weekend so I took the kids out to dinner all by myself. (Please, keep the applause down :-)  We decided to go to a japanese style restaurant where they cook on the grill in front of you. You know the kind. Where they spin the utensils around, throw rice at your head, and make big fires. Good times.

We went early thinking we would beat the crowd. no luck. the joint was hoppin! We ended up getting seated at a table with a young college aged couple on a blind date. Doh! I bet they were wishing they had picked mexican food! 

During the cooking show, the boys got laughing so hard that the rest of us were cracking up watching them. Seriously, it was contagious! The chef was flipping rice balls at their heads and it was hysterical! (Note to self: be sure they understand that they cannot do this at home!) Besides the entertainment, the kids all ate TONS. It was such a great meal.

Now we are home and Ash and the boys are decorating cookies. This is just a warm-up to the real cookies. Practice cookies. Cookies for eating. The serious, cookies-for-Santa, will be made tomorrow. Must. Have. Great. Cookies....for Santa! Great cookies equals great presents. Everyone knows that!

The best part of the day? Chris called and is heading home early because he missed us. All together now...Awwww. I have the sweetest husband in the world. Ladies, eat your hearts out!

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Reba said...

I am SOOOO very impressed that you took the kids to dinner on your own and not only that but not even like a pizza joint (which I might attempt on my own). Thinking about that food makes my mouth water...I was craving some sushi tonight. It sounds like a fun evening! And, yes, what a sweet hubby!