Monday, December 14, 2009

That &*$%^&% Deer

That doe is just WAY too smart for us. She has figured out the sharp-shooter guy and his truck. If he is here, she doesn't come close at all. But, if I or Chris walk out there, she happily trots up and is ready to eat. No fear at all. Problem is, we cannot shoot the gun what with the laws about controlled substances and all. Sunday morning, after she came close but spooked, I saw her in the woods nearby. I sat there 10 feet form her, talking on the phone and she just looked at me and was calm. I was on the phone to the guy telling him where to come. Three minutes later, as his truck came around the corner, all the deer took off like rockets, white tails in the air. 

I told Chris that I am going to head into the woods to have a talk with her. This has got to stop. Either play along or suffer the consequences. Come on now, just be reasonable!!! 

**What does it say about my mental state that I am having imaginary conversations with a doe and convincing her of my point? 

Anyway, we will keep trying. She is not suffering and not losing any more weight. She is alert and active and seems to be doing Okay. I am worried she will snag the arrow in the woods and do a lot of damage, but what can I do? Maybe if I knew how to lasso......


Diana said...

Is there a sedative they can give her to ingest - as in put it with the food and have her eat it? You are awesome for working as hard as you are for this deer. Keep up the good work.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

(that's me cursing on your comments in code so as not to offend)

Seems like you could almost walk up and take the stupid arrow out yourself by now. I can't believe she is still alive and doing ok like that! UUUUUUUUUUHHHH!

BT said...

Can the sharp shooter arrive in a different vehicle and in disguise?

Can't believe this story is still going!