Friday, December 11, 2009

Attempt #3

Update: We saw her this morning, alive and well, but she is very skittish and didn't get close enough for a shot. We'll try again this evening.

I was at work for most of the 'festivities". Rats! The team showed up at 5 pm and the sharp shooter set up his shot. The deer showed up at 5:30 and he got in a clean shot but it bounced off of her, so maybe only a partial dose of tranquilizer. The deer all ran but stopped by the edge of the woods, then moseyed off. Everyone took off to find where she had dropped.

And they searched and searched and searched. When I got home we searched some more. No deer. It was pitch black with clouds blocking the light from the moon. We used high powered flashlights so I am sure the neighbors were all freaking out. Luckily no one shot at us!

We never found her. It wasn't too bitterly cold last night so she should have survived. Now it is early the next morning, the sharp shooter will be here in a minute and we will try again. This time it will just be me and him, so cross your fingers I am fast enough to track this doe if she runs very far. If he gets a good shot she should not even make it to the edge of the woods before she is down. 

Last night I dreamed he missed the deer and got me! I think I will stay far, far out of his way today!


BT said...

Oh I'm going nuts waiting to hear about success with this. I hope she returns this morning and that you get a good shot this time. Please please keep us updated!

Lucinda said...

I know deer can sense your intentions. She knows you're trying to help which is why she's not immediately running away. Hope today is a successful day!