Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Here is Ahren finding the Sponge Bob and totally ignoring the go-cart and everything else. 
I..I...I.....I.....I see a ...........DIRT BIKE!!!!!!!!!
Dazed and confused, but he did sit on the go cart. You can tell his eyes are totally un-focused.
Oh man, oh man, oh man. A.....Dirt.......BIKE!
See, it is really real. A REAL dirt bike. Oh man!!! I love you Santa!!!!!!
Ahren got an assist from his sisters and began to check out his presents from Santa.
Kaytee explaining that the stocking has more goodies inside of it. 
Daddy filming the festivities.
Even big girls get stockings from Santa. 
Cheese! Can you believe how many presents are under our tree? We didn't really go that crazy, most of the presents were around the tree not under it and we had quite a few in large boxes.
Santa brought him a Pogo Stick. Great way to burn off energy!!!!
Santa Cowboy. Love this kid so much!!!!
Santa Cowboy in his real hat and real boots rounding up cattle with a remote control car.
It's now daylight and the present opening is about to begin. We do them one at a time, so we can see what everyone gets and say thanks for the gift.
Kaytee opens a gift. 
Now he's getting into it. Once he got the hang of things he was all smiles, all day!
Ashley inspects her new coat. This girl has style!
More smiles, all around! 
Ahren LOVES the panda bear he got from Grandma and Grandpa J.
These two were not about to show any excitement, but they had no problem getting up at 6:30 in the morning to share Christmas with their little brothers. 
Levi, in his holidays jams and robe, cheesing for the camera.
Even Daddy was all smiles.
A bottle of lotion brought a smile to this girls face.
Ashley in her new glasses, stylin and smilin.
Chris opening his big present. One he did NOT know about. The kids wrapped THREE layers of paper. Took a while to get it unwrapped.
And here it is! I got a helicopter to fly over our property and take photos. Then I picked the best one and had it blown up and framed. You can see our house, the barn, the pond and our land. The best part is that the camera caught Chris and Ahren standing out by the barn looking up at the helicopter. 
Levi LOVES the books he got from his Grandma and Grandpa J. We started reading the first one yesterday. They are his first big-boy chapter books.
Ashley in her new sunglasses. Now those merited a real smile!
Kaytee looks like an Elf on a mini-bike!
Who is that crazy lady?
This is the best pogo stick ever. It has a sturdy base for beginners that comes off later as they improve and gain confidence.


Lilith said...

My son LOVES the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. He's read each one at least 10 times a piece!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I spent the whole post thinking, well, where is she? Finally at the very bottom!

I LOVE the pic of Ahren when he finally "gets" what all the pretty paper boxes are all about!