Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Another Day, Another Idiot

Do you remember this fawn from this past spring? Someone managed to catch it and place a dog collar and leash on it (to keep it as a pet???) We tried and tried to catch it and remove the collar but were never successful. It quit coming around so either the collar came off or the poor thing got tangled in the brush and died a horrible death. Well, someone has been at it again.

This poor Doe has been coming to our house for the past few days. See what is coming out of her face? An arrow. The arrow is lodged in the bridge of her nose and she can't eat. She has figured out she can nibble off the deer block we put out and she can drink from the pond. That is all that is keeping her alive. We called the game warden and he got us in contact with a wildlife rehabilitation specialist. 

Last night we attempted Operation Doe Rescue, Round One. We set up a deer blind near the block. The wildlife lady came with her tranquilizer gun, antibiotics, surgical instruments and supplies. We set up a pallet in the barn to lay her once she was down to keep her dry and comfortable until she woke up from the anesthetic in the dart. The plan was to shoot her, carry her to the barn, then operate (I get to help!) to remove the arrow, seal the wound, fill her with antibiotics and allow her to recover and be able to walk away. 
Of course it was raining and the deer were late coming. it was too dark to see to shoot her by the time they showed up. Tonight is Round Two. We have several camera people trying to capture it all on film. 

Wish us luck!

Oh, and by the way, it is ILLEGAL to shoot deer in our neighborhood, it is NOT bow season, and a true hunter would track an injured animal and finish the job, not let the poor thing suffer a long, slow, horrible death. Whoever did this is a first class idiot!


BT said...

I so hope you're successful tonight. It hurts me to see creatures treated this way.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

That makes me want to vomit. Seriously.

Is there just no end to the stupid shitheads in this world?

Anonymous said...

People are just too cruel! :(

Angie said...

Aw, that poor baby! Kuddos to you for doing so much to help! I hope it goes well, and she can go on to live a full life.

Lisa said...

Is there a Game Commission you can contact? Or ASPCA? Or heck even PETA? I know hey are crazy but they would certainly do what they could to publicize this and get some action taken?

Personally I'd like to shoot the idiot who does this with an arrow!

Webster said...

OMG this is horrible! What you are doing to help is a GOOD thing. Be sure to send the story and some photos to your local newspaper. Hopefully they will print it - on the first page.

Anonymous said...

OMG, the poor, defenseless deer. When people do stuff like this, it really upsets me!

We have an Wild Animal Rescue about 8 miles from our home and it just received a new deer that had a collar on it! Thankfully, the rescue was able to welcome this deer into their sanctuary.

I pray you are able to catch and help this precious, helpless creature so she can live a long, healthy life. Thanks for all you do to help the innocent deer in your area. I know I appreciate it.

Lucinda said...

I'm so appalled at this "hunter" and their lack of respect for wildlife. My family hunts so it's especially awful to me that the person who did this did not track her. I hope you succeed in taking care of her.