Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Katie sits on the floor and plays with her brothers every day when she gets home from school. Have I said how much I love this girl? She is off at a job interview tonight. Wish her luck. She wants to earn her own money and be independent (wah, my baby is growing up!!!)

OK, does anyone else ting AShren looks eerily like Chuckie (scary movies) in this photo???
Ahren loves the little battery powered motorcycle we have. He can't make it run yet, but he pushes it around and tells Poppi to poooosh. 
The day after the Children's Museum, Levi asked me to print him a picture of Kya. He carried it everywhere, until Ahren stole it. I had to print a second one so they wouldn't fight over it. (I think Levi is battling a wedgie in the background....)
This is what Ahren's left foot does. Not all the time, but enough. He falls so much. Seriously. Thirty or forty times a day. He is going to be the death of me, trying to keep him in one piece. 
Eating some yogurt and fruit. Eating i =s definitely NOT a problem for him.
Brothers. So different and yet, so alike. 
Chris playing in the Shark tent with the boys. I picked this up off a clearance rack for just a few dollars. it is worth a million dollars in FUN.
Still carrying Kya's picture. 

Holy cow are we having fun! Ahren and Levi are doing really well with each other. Ninety percent of the time they are cracking up, following each other around and having a blast. Five percent of the time they ignore each other, and the other 5 percent of the time Ahren is doing his best to annoy the daylights out of his brother. Considering he has never had a brother before, I have no idea how he knows to do this. He will sit there and point his finger at Levi, almost touching him but not quite, and Levi gets soooo mad! Or Ahren will flip his leg out of his carseat so it swings past Levi but doesn't touch him. The whole time he grins like a little fool, knowing full well he is getting a reaction. If it wasn't so darn cute I would be upset, but hey, that's what little brothers are for!
  Nap time is comical. I tell him it is time for a siesta and he yells 'No Mommy' and runs, giggling. I catch him, change his diaper and then put him down. He lays there for a little while quietly. Then he begins to talk. The talk gets louder and louder, until he is shouting. The funny part is WHAT he is shouting. He lays there and shouts every word he knows, in random order, both english and spanish. He is yelling Mommy, casa, uno, dos, tres, Poppi, shoes, eat, zappatos, cookie, etc. It's hysterical! If he doesn't settle down after a while, I let him get up. If he is going to sleep, he quiets down right away and then there is no shouting. At  night, he goes down with his one bottle of the day (he was getting one every 4 hours) and he is out for 11-12 hours. Not a peep out of him. 


Julie said...

Can we call Levi "Ghetto Kendoll" with his gang sign? What cute kiddos you have!!! How cool is it that Ahren seems to fit in seamlessly???

Angel said...

This post just CRACKS ME UP!!!!! Too funny. Yes... he looks a bit like Chuckie in that pic. I can't quit giggling about it. YAY for great sleepers. Hopefully he will quit being so wobbly soon. You KNOW I seriously though Kaiya was going to die. I had to watch her every second. Now she is getting SOO much stronger. He may have just been carried too much. Hopefully that is it. We are home from vacation so maybe we can get together before too long. HUGS! Angel

Deb said...

Wendy- thanks for the picture of the foot- Bug did the same thing- with both feet though. I am hoping this is helping you. he finally stopped doing it, but the more I watched it the more I realized it was on surfaces that felt different- basically because Bug was never without shoes in Guatemala, so the texture of new surfaces was jarring/uncomforatble at times. The doctor at the International adoption clinic said she had never seen a 2 year old's feet so smooth before. I think it has taken a year for Bug to uncurl his toes all the time.

You guys look like you are having a blast. Thanks for sharing with us all.

Love and hugs to you,

Candy said...

Ok I had to pick myself up off the floor....and at the same time went AHHHHHH...the boys love Kya Blu...she has true fans close to her age now...HA

I LOVE IT! the last picture of Ahren Holding the Picture of Kya CRACKS ME UP...he looks like he Defeated Goliath...aka Big Bro Levi...who is laying on the Floor and WON THE GIRL...HA He looks so proud.

The Chuckie Pic Cracks me up too...I will show Kya this post tomorrow...Wait....I may then have to drive back to TX so the Diva can see her boys.


Diana said...

He looks like he's loving his new life and you're loving him.

I'd definately get him into your local children's hospital for a CP eval. Start with a pediatric neurologist and see where it goes. The last picture of him is actually really telling as well. It could be just the angle of the picture, but he looks like he does the same thing my son does, which is turn his foot out to the side, but rolls to the inside and walks on the side of his arch. This is pretty common for kids with CP. The degree to which they turn out and roll in depends on the severity of the case. If it isn't CP, count yourself blessed and you'll be glad you know for sure. If it is, it's pretty mild like my son's is, but the sooner you can get intervention, the better his long-term prognosis will be. One thing that most kids with CP struggle with is strength, both in the core and in the limbs. My son falls down quite a bit, too. Hand/eye coordination may be lagging, too, which can cause the falling. Often times the eyes will not track properly with CP, which can also affect balance. Or, it can be a number of different things, all of which can be traced back to CP...or lack of prior medical care...or sensory issues, or something else entirely. I'd have it checked out by more than just a pediatrician, that's for sure!

dana said...

Is there any doubt that God had this child picked out for your family? I wish I could be there to join in the fun! I am so proud of our Levi - what a great kid!
Love you!!