Friday, September 26, 2008


Catchy title, huh? That's about as creative as my brain can get today. I think I have a Hurricane Hangover. I just can't seem to get my mojo going. Between bringing Ahren home, being off of work and the hurricane, I feel really out of it. Everything is fine, just a-kilter in my world.

Now, to the anonymous poster who left me a message that there would be 'no poo at my zoo'.....I am MAD. Mad as a hornet. Why am I mad? Because I wanted to think of that! Hah! I snorted out loud when I read it!!! Too freakin funny, and true too! Add in all the cheese these kids eat, and it's a wonder there is any poo at all.

Funny things heard around my house this week: (You get to guess who said what)

1) Get your fingers out of each others noses.
2) When I get home I am not going to wear any underwear.
3) Get your butt out of your brothers face.
4) He's my little toddler pirate buddy.
5) Hey, there's a bump in my nose. I think it's a burger. Or a crabby pattie.
6) Ats my Daddy.
7) Hey, where did all the bananas go?
8) I nakey!

Answers 1-me, 2-Levi, 3-Me, 4-Levi, 5-Levi, 6-Ahren, 7-Katie, 8-Ahren.

Ashley is coming this weekend. Woohoo!!! I miss that girl something fierce! We are going to have family portraits done, too. I can't wait!!!


dana said...

May I borrow some of those quotes? Yahoo, Ashley is coming. Hug them all for me and send me a pic...
Love you!!


Levi cracks me up. And Ahren isn't far behind. Those brothers spell fun!

Thanks for the laugh! Can't wait to see the family photos! Have a great weekend!


Angel said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!! :0) Feeling you on the crazy life hang over.