Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pictures, finally

Remember, we are 1 county above where Ike hit shore and we got a lot less damage than areas south of us. Max winds at 100 mph and way too much rain, but still very lucky. Oh, and no power yet. No school, no work, kids going insane.....you get the picture. 

And with that, I bring you pictures!

A house in our neighborhood about to go under water.
Gee, I wonder why we still don't have power?
Trying to stay cool and entertained any way we can.
Breathing treatments by flashlight. He is so much better today, and so is Ahren. Hooray!!
Water over the road in our neighborhood.
This is a normal drainage ditch on the left, with flood waters all around.
At the bottom of our street is a little lake that these houses sit along. The water was coming out of lake and coming dangerously close to the houses.
Trees were literally snapped and twisted in half.
This is a sign that sits on the bank of our little lake. Well, where the bank used to be.
Can you see how this tree just twisted? That trunk is big enough around I wouldn't have been able to stretch my arms around it.
Damage to the framing on this house was relatively minor.
Happy boy! Both boys slept through the worst of the storm and seemed more upset about no TV than the raging storm.
Huge trees just uprooted everywhere.
During the eye of the storm. Eeerie...
Playing Candy Land by flashlight. Don't ask me why Ahren has the light shining in his eyes. Little goofball! 
There is a gas station near us that had gas yesterday and people were lining up and waiting for hours to get gas. The police had it all set up in a pattern and were directing people. Thank goodness we stocked up. We did find a grocery store yesterday that had power and got some supplies. They had all the cold and frozen food locked up but we got lots of snacks and some fresh fruit and the makings of killer guacamole. 


Deb said...

Wendy- I am praying for you guys. We had 24 hours without power thanks to the Hurricane- yes that is right, up here in OH, we had the hurricane too. Luckily no rain, but tons of wind damage. Hopefully the power will be back for you soon and the water will receed. Hang in there.

dana said...

Sometimes these crazy times can be the funest with the best memories. Remember the many nights in the basement with the tornadoes overhead? It looks like you are making some great memories with those kids...
Love you!!

Angel said...

Wow girl... It was crazy wasn't it? So glad you are Ok. HUGS for you and your cutie pies. Life is never dull for us lately is it? Angel

Cherrie said...

I can't even imagine 100+ miles per hour wind. Here in western PA, we got the tail end of the hurricane with 74-79 mile per hour winds...no rain really. My parents just got their power back after 48 hours!! We are all so thankful...my Mom just kept saying how fortunate they were that they had a roof over their head and they would just deal with no power!

They found a country station in Nashville that would come in on the AM only radio that belonged to my Grandfather (who has been gone for 31 years) and just enjoyed some old time country songs! They didn't mind the no tv at all!


Andrea said...

I was thinking about you guys all during the storm. I am glad to hear that you all made it through. Those are some crazy pictures!

Anonymous said...

HI. I'm trying to find out where you bought that Thomas the Train riding train set. (that the kids actually ride on).

Please email me and let me know when you get a chance. thanks so much.

Corie (goose189@hotmail.com)

Deb said...

Wendy- thanks for the comment on my blog today. is there anythign we can do for you- I know sending you stuff is probably out of hte question- as I am sure delivery trucks are not running- but it feels inadequate just praying (although it works), it just feels like I should be doing something for you.
Normal will return and in a few years, this will be a story for Ahren about how right afterhe came home, the burricane came to welcome him.

Sending you many hugs, lots of love and prayers for gas, fresh food, school and normalacy.

Love and hugs,