Monday, September 22, 2008

No more Ike

We are almost back to normal around here. School may open tomorrow (pleeeeeeze) and soon we will have drinkable water out of the taps. Other than that, life is good!

So, today, you get a regular old boring update on life in Chaos Central. 

Captain Jack L. Sparrow showing off his sword skills.

Little Captain Jack looking adorable in his 3-cornered hat. 
Spontaneous kisses for his sister. 
Cupcakes with icing made from neon ectoplasma. (Seriously, this stuff is labeled 'not found in nature') Note the lack of shirt on Ahren. Mommy ain't no dummy!
Enjoying the cupcake. I'm not sure he understood it was a treat and not an art project......

Dressed in their matching Ed hardy shirts and Diesel shoes. I have shamelessly stolen Candy's idea and have ordered them each a pair of Lucky jeans. 
Here are a few of my observations from the past 10 days.

1) If they say to get out, do it. Don't expect someone to risk their life trying to save you during the eye of the storm as you stand waist deep in water on the second floor of your home and call for help. (True story)

2) They say to have 3 days worth of supplies for a reason. Don't get ticked off because 24 hours after the storm you still don't have someone handing you ice, water and free meals and your power is not back on. 

3) The only thing not in short supply after the storm was beer. 

4) People who tried to cut in line at the PODs and gas stations should be shot (actually, considering this is Texas, I'm surprised none of them were shot!)

5) The people who stayed in the mandatory evac areas or went back against advice and are now whining because there is no power, water, sewage or anything should SHUT UP. You are hampering the efforts to restore these services because now the responders have to bring you ice, water, food and medical care instead of fixing the island. (To be honest, almost no one is whining, but those few who are.....I have no sympathy for them. Call me hard, but people were risking their lives to try and save people who refused to follow orders.) 


JuJu - said...

love to you and your family and thanks for being willing to supprt us in Guatemala -

Deb said...


glad to see things are almost back to normal. I am with you on the whinnying folks who ignored advice. We actually we commenting on that as we watched the news from your area. I have learned my lesson though, there will be at least 3 days supply of non perishable food in this house from now on.

Love and hugs to you,

Susan said...

Good to see you're almost back to normal. Adorable photos!

Angel said...

AMEN AND AMEN! Idiots who risk brave people's lives needlessly get NO sympathy from me. Angel


Ahren looks like he's never lived anywhere but your house! I love the pic of the two boys in matching shirts!
Glad things are getting back to normal!

People that don't heed storm warnings rank just a nose above stupid newspeople standing out in the storm blowing around to get news ratings. In fact I think they are partially responsible for the people staying. You know, "if Anderson can handle it so can I" mentality.


Candy said...

Girl what are you doing to Hubby wants to SHOOT me right now from how much I spent with Holly G on FALL BOWS...and now I totally need Ed hardy shirts and Diesel shoes TOO!!! Really I did not know they made Ed Hardy shirts for kids...and the Lucky jeans TOTALLY WORTH IT...HEHE

HUGS...and I love some Captian Jack by the way