Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting along

The water is back on and we were all able to take a bath or shower. I can't tell you how good that felt! Even just 2 days of no AC and it being 90 degrees and near 100% humidity make you NASTY! We will be boiling the water if we need to drink it, but for now we still have plenty of water stored. We were able to splice the generator into the septic system and pump out all the storm water so we can flush toilets again. Add that to the NASTY list! The cold front came thru and last night we all slept like babies with the windows open. The constant hum of generators around the neighborhood was our music to dream by. 
We are located one county away from the coast directly where the hurricane hit. The eye travelled right over us (more on the eye later....spooky!) The worst of it was from 4-5 am as the front wall of the eye hit us. The constant roar of the wind was horrible, but the 100 mph gusts were downright frightening. The whole house shook and you could feel the pressure suck the air right out of the house. It was pitch black and the power off, which made it even more frightening. As the eye passed over us, it suddenly got calmer, and the rain just came down. it felt weird, like the air pressure was really low and as the sun came up it was an odd grayish-green color. Every once in a while the wind kicked up a little, but nothing like the 60 mph sustained winds. We are actually incredibly lucky to just have minor tree loss and no power. We drove around some and the damage is incredible. Even seeing the pictures on TV doesn't do it justice. The sheer magnitude of the damage around here is overwhelming. I can't imagine what it is like further south. 

Both boys are sick. Levi started with a cold last week, but it has settled in his chest and we ended up having to do breathing treatments to open him up. He still has some residual problems from having RSV as an infant so a chest cold makes asthma like symptoms flare up. Ahren is getting the cold and has been running a fever of 102.5 without medicine. We are keeping him full of meds. But just imagine, 2 sick boys with no TV or computer games, in this heat. Oh yes, good times. Oh, and don't forget hot, cranky Mommy and Daddy. 

I can't get pictures to load. Maybe later or tomorrow. I have some good ones!


Pattie and Rob said...

Glad to hear you all made it safely through the storm. The pictures I've seen on TV are showing complete devistation. It's hard to watch. And it brings back bad memories of hurricane Wilma three years ago in our neck of the woods. Stay safe and I'm glad everyone is okay. Hope the boys receover quickly from thier colds.

dana said...

What a ride!! yahoo!! I am glad that you are all cool and showered now. One can only take so much of that kind of fun before one blows... What a story for your grandkids!!! Hope the boys get well soon. Sick kids is a special kind of misery.
Love you!!

Ellie said...

AH DANG... I knew I smelt something~


Just kidding... Glad you are all safe... Give hugs to all~

Miss you

Susan said...

So glad you were safe and are getting back to normal. Hope the boys feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I was really wondering how you all were doing. I prayed for you and Im so glad your ok.