Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chez Chaos (and loving it!)

The cast of Characters at Chez Chaos:

Nanny - the most amazing woman who is The baby Whisperer
Levi - main purveyor of toy destruction and comic relief
Mina - age 3, total Princess and ruler of all she sees. She keeps all the boys in line.
Ahren - new addition to the mix, an unknown entity but doing his best to keep up
Holly - age 1, thinks she is as big as everyone else and the one most likely to climb herself into a situation she can't get out of by herself

Here is a glimpse into the typical day around these parts

Monkeys mimicking each other
We stole a page from the Book of JuJu and had a fingerpaint/shaving cream party on the patio
I'm not sure if this is a hug of affection or a chance to wipe his hands on his brother's shirt
A work of art in progress. Note the teamwork!
The 3 amigos, so proud of their work
I am not sure what was messier, the paint and shaving cream or the Cheetos at snack time.
Master Clown and leader of the pack. He thinks it up and then everyone else does it.
I don't think Ahren has ever gotten messy like this before. he was a bit unsure about it at first, but was soon enjoying himself like the other kids.
When I went to wash the paint off it left colored stains on their skin. I had this moment of panic that I would end up with 4 kids looking like someone had beat them. Luckily a little soap in the tub and it all came off. Whew! See Mina? This little girl is so beautiful and so smart. 
Holly, caught on a toddle-by while playing. She is a huge personality in a tiny little body.
This is one beautiful little girl. 
What is hair looks like when it's combed and moussed. You can't believe how incredibly soft it is. Soft and shiny. I may be a tad biased, but isn't he just GORGEOUS!
My beautiful boy. I still can't believe it!!!!
Ooooh, can you see that sparkle in her eyes? She is a hoot! Seriously, she controls all the boys. 
The little three while Levi is off at school. This was the 0.00001 second all 3 were in the same camera frame.

 I have a quick vent to get off my chest (quick because some people and some things do not deserve to get more of my time than a few seconds).  PBJ has been gone for 11 days. During that time we have gotten lots of conflicting information (no surprise there). Then, earlier this week, we get our monthly update from the agency. They stated they were waiting on the medical report but here were new pictures of our daughter. Puzzled, I opened the photos and see a child I do not recognize. Granted, she was a cutie, but not our daughter. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. Oh how wonderful and caring our agency is. How supportive. How attentive to our needs. I had been dealing with this un-expected twist pretty well until this. Sorry for the bad word, but I want to say sooo many more, maybe even make up a few new ones!!!!!!


Angel said...

WHAT?????????????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? I am so confused!! Did they make a MISTAKE and not KNOW who you are after all this grief or what? ACKKK! What idiots. I am so sorry. Cuss it up girl.

The kids are ADORABLE! Yes.... his curls are sooooo sweet. Lovin em.

Hugs, Angel

Kim said...

Is everyone at your agency morons? How do you make a mistake like that with YOUR family. UGHUGHUGH - I'm so sorry.

Anonymous said...

The brilliant Nina strikes again, I think when they get served, I'm going to camp out on their block to watch. Can't wait! I hate her for you, I hate her enough for everyone.

Amy said...

Isn't that just lovely?! Don't these people have any heart left....sigh....sorry


Receiving the pictures of a child you don't know is nightmarish! Seriously dealing with this agency must feel like operating in an alternate universe. I hope you get some REAL answers soon. At least some concrete words on the whereabouts of darling PBJ.

On the homefront your pictures make my heart sing so your's must be full to bursting! I so love seeing Ahren where he should be, playing with his brother and friends! He looks like he's always lived there!


Anonymous said...

Unfreakingbelievable! How very sensitive and caring they are! How could they make such a mistake after all you've been through. Ugh! I'm so sorry you have to deal with such jerks. May you soon find PBJ and confirm that she is healthy and well-cared for. I cannot wait until she joins her family.

I'm so happy that Ahren is finally home. He really does look like he's always been here. Love all your pictures of him with Levi & Katie.


Susan said...

unbelievable, Wendy. Wasn't the agency "suggesting" you pick out a "new" child back when PBJ got hurt? Maybe they just did it for you this time and thought they could slip her in without you noticing (no, I don't think that's any more unbelievable than everything that's happened so far). Still praying for PBJ.

All the children in these photos are beautiful! I'm most happy to see Ahren at home, though. How wonderful that he can play and get messy and hug his brother and flirt with the girls.

amy said...

I am so sorry for what you are going through with PBJ, its not like she is a newborn and they could have confused the pictures, what idiots....and yes your son is gorgeous, women would kill for hair like his..LOL