Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Big Day with Friends

The cast of characters: Natalie with Caleb (2) and Caitlyn (4months), Candy with Kya Blue (2) and Jagger Jett (11 months) and me with Levi (5) and Ahren (2). 

Setting: The Children's Museum and mall in The Woodlands

Another little girl climbed into the little playset with Jagger and started loving on him when big sis Kya came to his rescue. (It didn't look like Jagger wanted to be rescued, though.....)
Here is the long-awaited photo of Candy tending 8 children, 7 under the age of 3, in the food court. We picked up 2 extra kids when a new friend we met there needed to run her oldest to the potty and needed someone to watch her two littlest ones.  Nat was off collecting food and I was too busy snapping foto ops! (You can't tell, but Caitlyn is in the pink stroller and the two extra kids are in a stroller behind Candy. )
The temptation of the carousel. How could I resist! 
Caleb and Ahren at the dinosaur dig.
The three bigger boys digging for fossils. (Who am I kidding. Very little digging went on, but a lot of tossing of dig materials took place)
Guess who is ticklish? Jagger is!!! Tickle, tickle, tickle!
This shot cracks me up. The play station was some sort of wind-driven boat thingy, but our kids pretty much just whapped the daylights out of it and each other. Luckily Kya just barely grazed Levi and he thought it was hysterical!
More of the action. God Bless the boy who tries to break that little spitfire's heart. She is adorable and armed!!!
Precious, precious, precious. If I had room, I would have stuffed her in my diaper bag and taken her home!!! Look at those lips and that impossibly tiny nose. Aaaahahhhhh.....
The big boys actually playing with the boat thingy the way it was intended.
Kya and Ahren playing diner. 
Kya, watching the boys and wondering just what the heck they are doing. (Don't worry Kya, you aren't the only one who wonders that!)
Five out of the six kiddos in one shot. Score! You don't know how many blurry shots and pics of the back of heads I took just to get one useable shot. 
Brothers. I tear up when I look at this picture. Levi told me he had waited his whole life for a brother. 
She had me at hello and the first flash of a dimple. De De, need to borrow a shotgun?
Caleb. I have more blurry pics of this little guy! I just couldn't seem to catch him. he has an adorable grin, full of teeth and big and wide. Too cute. This old lady started trying to tell him and Ahren  what to do and it annoyed me, so I told her they didn't speak english. hah! Back off woman. Go get your own adorable kids! (They weren't doing anything wrong)
Jagger takes a break for refreshments. He tried so hard to keep up with the big kids. He must have been exhausted!
Caitlyn decides to join Jagger for a nosh. Even though they were filling their tummies, neither could stop watching the big kids.
Ahren and Kya passing each other as they explore. Look at Ahren giving her the sly once over out of the corner of his eye. The boy has good taste!
And then Caleb saunters past, too, and Ahren begins to wonder what is so much fun over there?
Jagger keeping a watchful eye on Caitlyn.
Kya with the blocks. 
Kya and Ahren hugging. Too sweet! 

It was a fabulous day with fabulous friends. Each of us had one new child since the last time we got together. We were missing Angel and her 3 girls, though. Next time!



"Brothers. I tear up when I look at this picture. Levi told me he had waited his whole life for a brother."

I'm probably just hormonal but those two lines made me cry like a baby. I'm so happy for you guys!

Deb said...

"Brothers. I tear up when I look at this picture. Levi told me he had waited his whole life for a brother."

WOW- what an awesome little MAN Levi is. You are truely blessed to be the momma of these boys.

Love and hugs to you,

Candy said...

OK YOU so I still think I got the SHOT OF THE DAY with you kissing Ahren...but girl you beat the heck out of know the kind of BEATING that Kya was doing with the PVC pipe...wiht your captions...I always love your captions and sence of humor....and you know its always better when the kids are fav caption...or one liner for this post...hey lady get your own cute kids...SO GOING TO USE that one soon...HA

Thank you so much for bringing Ahren out to meet the Gang...It was so SUREAL seeing him HERE on US SOIL and better than that HUGGING on that sweet boy. Tell Levi Thanks for playing so well with Kya Blu...he did not even seem annoyed by her FOLLOWING his every to love that boy!

Hope to see you all again really soon....So I wonder when the gang gets together again...will you be the LONE RANGER with ANOTHER sweet baby home...Miss PBJ...I say YES how awesome would that be.

GuateMom said...

What sweet pictures. Love the picture of Ahren & Levi. What a sweet brother Levi is. Loved seeing Kya and Jagger again. Those kids get around :) Seems like they were just here in Missouri a couple of weeks ago!

dana said...

What a wad of blessings!! You all are wonderful, and all those little ones are so precious. Levi is such a special little guy; I am tearing up with you.
Love you!

Natalie C. said...

I can never get a good pic of Caleb either anymore, he is always on the go. We had a blast!

Leslie said...

awww you guys look like you had fun!!! I cant wait to meet everyone at Guatoberfest!!!!