Monday, September 08, 2008

Quick update

I have been off-line since last Thursday and it has been killing me! We are in the process of having the site work done for our barn and basketball court and the workmen accidentally dug through our phone line. I called the owner of the company and gave him what-for and made him come out to take a look at it. Then I made him try and fix it himself! Poor guy was out in the afternoon heat yesterday digging holes all over trying to find the broken end of the line. (For those of you who don't know, my husband is the owner of the company...hee!) He finally gave up and I called the phone company today. We should be all fixed up by the end of the day.

Things continue to go really well around our home. Ahren is adding new english words every day. He says catch, push, eat, shoes, banana and many more. He and Levi are still playing well most of the time, but a few squabbles have broken out. It's normal type stuff so it is a good thing.

Thanks for all the info and such on Ahren's physical development. I know he definitely needs to build up his muscles and that is a large part of his problem, but it's not all of what is going on. His foster mother first identified that something was wrong a year ago and he had been seeing an orthopedist in Guatemala. He has already seen an ortho here, and the plan is to give him 2 months to build muscle and then have him tested more extensively for CP. That way the lack of muscle tone will interfere less with the findings. He is already getting stronger and not falling quite as much. We let him go barefoot in the house so he gets more foot and ankle development. The braces/boots he wore really inhibited that.

I am working a couple of hours today, just testing to see how things go and trying to stretch out my paid time off. I am about to head home so this is going to be short and no photos. Once we are hooked back up at home I will catch up in a big post!

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