Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poop is the theme today

 Our agency continues to be a bunch of poopy heads. I should have mentioned that I had done some searching for an address on the adoption agency but they have apparently been using the Wayback machine to delete old internet pages (you can do that) Not being super computer savvy, I left it up to the attorney. (That, and I am just sick and tired of thinking about it)

Luckily, I have friends who dove in and found stuff for me! Deon found the home address of the owners (I may just need to go knocking soon) and Ellie found their legal registered address for the corporation and the named legal counsel they had when they filed for their state registration. All of this is going to our attorney.  Today. 

We don't want to sue them, that would just drag things out for years and there is no doubt that we would never see a dime of money by then. There are two things we do want right now:

1) The truth about our case
2) Our final payment of $4k back (which we sent on incorrect info from them, thinking we were getting out of PGN) 

If they can satisfy these two things, we would feel OK. If they keep on jerking us around, though, all offers will be off the table. The gloves will come off, and justice will be exacted. 

And now, continuing with the theme of poop, Ahren went from Sunday through yesterday pooping in the potty! Yeah! Then today, he pooped his pants. I noticed him patting the bottom of his booty, very suspicious. Then I got a whiff. When I asked him, he denied it and ran and tried to hide. I cleaned him up and then he went down for a nap. I kept quietly talking about choices, and how big boys poo in the potty and don't take naps, etc etc. He cried a tiny bit, then resigned himself to it and is now snoozing peacefully in his bed. I was not angry or upset with him. I told him I was sorry he made a mess in his pants and that I felt bad for him. I also told him I believed in him and knew he could do it. 

Two poops forward and one poop back.... 


Kristi said...

I hate them too......'Nuff said!!

Hugs -

Jane said...

I'm so sorry you have had such trouble with that agency. You probably don't know me but I have 6 children from Guatemala and am SO glad I didn't use Main St. I almost called them after seeing a photo listing. I actually saw you at the embassy in Guatemala but didn't approch you. I was there on a take home trip. You were at the window with xrays or medical records for PBJ. Anyway.... I live very close to Main Street if you want me to knock on anyone's door! I'd be happy to and I can be a super bitch too. After all - having 7 kids running wild it would be great therapy for me to release some pent up frustrations.

Wendy said...

Oh Jane, you got to see me at my absolute worst. Was I the snotty, bawling terrified mama or was it on my second trip to the embassy where I managed to at least not make a total fool of myself??

Jane said...

Well, you seemed very calm and together. Didn't see any tears or snot spewing from you nose. I was at the embassy for pick up trips 5 different times. They were, Sept. '05, Nov. '06, Jan. '07, Oct. '07 and Oct. '08. So one of those times I saw you there but didn't realize WHO you were until I was home and found your blog through others. It was a BIG RELIEF when I walked out the embassy in Oct. '08 with my last 2 boys. Lucas is now 5 and It was pure HELL on me getting him home. I almost lost him to the nasty system a couple of times. He is LOVING life now and just recently had brain surgery to repair the shunt in his head. Let me know if I need to go knocking on any doors for you. I'll pull that Red Rider out of my closest - just in case! LOL

Jane said...

Do you have a Facebook?

I'm on there under Jane Patton Schmidt.

I do not have a blog.

Wendy said...

jane, I don't have a Facebook! Everyone keeps telling me how great it is, I just haven't gotten around to it. I was there in Oct '07 with the injured PBJ. The first day I was a mess, but the next day I had friends watching PBJ and I was better. They tried so hard to help me. Our case is over, no hope now. It's time to move on and find a way to help her in the future.