Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun with Friends

Levi and I met Candy, Kya Blu and Jagger Jett at a splash park last week. Ahren was supposed to be with us but he had been fighting a cold and was just not himself that day. I had him all dressed and in the car and he was begging to stay home. I'm sad he missed all the fun, but there will be many more fun days with the Great Family!

Jagger was a hoot in the water. This boy has NO FEAR!
I am not sure how to describe this one. 
Levi and Kya. 
Notice that they are using Levi's shoes as toys. Good thing I made him wear his play shoes and packed his good shoes in the bag. 
I just want to squeeze the stuffing out of this boy he is so adorable!!!
We attempted a pic with all three kids. 
Kya and her magnificent mommy, Candy! 
Secret keepers.
Lunch at the awesome Johnny Rockets, complete with Root Beer Floats for dessert.
Eating Machine.
Kya and Levi take a break to bust out a few dance moves.

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Candy said...

hey girl We had a great time and guess what I got a STINKIN SUN BURN. Just on ONE SIDE! So Shawn now said he wished I would have done the Swim Lessons on your we may go there on Monday Morning to see when they can get in. We are going to sign Kya up for Summer Camp Monday too. Looks like you are stuck with us for the next YEAR...More Root Bear Float Days to come. Hugs