Sunday, April 12, 2009

Poo Poo Break-Thru!

First, although I was tempted to photograph the event, I restrained myself. Hah! (Hey, Kate Gosselin form Jon and Kate plus 8 took photos of everyones first poo in the potty....but that was just gross!) 

We are at about the 2 week mark (I lost count) of treating Ahren like a baby. Naps every day (boy does he HATE those) no big boys underwear, no big kid activities etc. 

We went to Levi's class party for Easter and I told Ahren that I had signed him up for school but he couldn't go until he could poo poo in the potty all the time.

We went to a party on a ranch yesterday and Ahren couldn't ride with us on the 4-wheeler like Levi because he was too little and poo poo's in his pants. Only big kids get to ride 4-wheelers. (Put down the phone - Levi didn't ride by himself. We rode with him VERY slowly)

I even made Ahren take a nap in the crib. Oh the crying and nashing of teeth. But that is where babies sleep! 

Today, after a large lunch and a little play time, I knew we were 'due'. I brought out the little potty chair (easier to sit on for longer periods of time) set it in front of the TV and asked Ahren to try to poo poo. He wasn't really excited, but he did agree to sit on it. I explained that he was just trying and that was a good thing. He sat there a bit and then I mentioned nap time. Oh boy, NO NAP! I told him I would give him 15 minutes on the potty to try and go, and then he would have to go take a nap. 

Sixty seconds. No more. He whimpered a bit saying 'ouchie, ouchie' then got quiet. Then he began to shout. I poopy! I poopy! We all ran over, he stood up, and there, in the potty, was the BIGGEST poo I had ever seen come out of a teeny tiny hiney. No wonder he said Ouchie! 

Oh the applause. The cheering. The high fives. He got prizes. He told his sisters. He glowed with pride. We talked about it for hours. Oh YEAH!


Angie said...

YAY! GOod job Ahren!

Reba said...

Way to go!

Ellie said...


Keep them coming Ahren~