Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bob equals Boob

Here is a little bit of what this week has held for us. 

First, it appears that the 'agency' (also known as Main Street Adoption Services) did indeed attempt to send us a certified letter. Unfortunately, they missed the part where we moved almost TWO YEARS ago. They sent the dern letter to our old address and of course they were not home to sign for it. Not our problem.

Secondly, we have been requesting a physical address and/or the information on their current legal counsel. They have ignored all of our requests. They have also ignored all of our requests for info on our case for several months. 

Today, while in the office of our attorney, he decided to spontaneously dial the agencies phone number. A man answered, a man whose voice I recognized. Bob. Bob the owner. Bob the big man. He answered saying Hello, even though it was the business number. Our attorney asked if this was Main Street Adoptions and he said YES. Our guy asked for an address for the company and Bob repeated the PO box. Out atty said he needed a physical address or a fax number so he could send him correspondence. The conversation tanked at that point. Bob wanted to know who he was talking to, our attty answered, Bob demanded to know WHY he was calling and out atty told him, and then ........nothing. He refused to give any info at all. 

I was laughing the whole time. Idiot! How does he think hiding from us is going to save them? He sounded scared, backed into a corner, desperate. He has no idea. If he only knew WHO is our relative in PA. The state we have to sue them in, to go to arbitration in, to seek justice in. If he only knew, he would be offering us soooo much now. 

IF..................he only knew. I am laughing, happy and looking forward to the justice about to be dealt them.


Cathie said...

Go get them Wendy..
there are many after him and he deserves it!!!!!!!! I've read about them on guatadopt. They need to be stopped from all adoptions everywhere

Vanessa said...

Wendy, NAIL HIM TO A WALL HONEY!! Please let me know if I can do anything to help you guys out. They really need to be dealt with because it's trulay horrible what they're putting your family through as well as that sweet little girl!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I have a serious problem. I am already fascinated by your blog and I have only read one page. You appear to be fairly prolific and have been blogging for like 50 years in blog- time. Exactly when do you think I have time to read all that? Hmmm? If you see on the news that 2 little girls walked to a gas station to beg for dinner, well, we will both know why.
You are living the dream, suing your adoption agency. Ours was full of the most useless pantloads you ever want to meet.
Ok, I am done hijacking your comments now. I'll be back.

Wendy said...

Essie, you slay me! I love reading your blog. If you need a reader's digest update just let me know. My blog is my sanity saver. Ooops, too late. Sanity is no longer an issue!