Monday, April 27, 2009

Miracles Happen

The adoption process has not been kind to us. What began as a simple wish to add a child to our family became a long and difficult journey. It would be easy to feel sorry for ourselves. And then I think of the things we have learned, the lessons, the growth, and most of all, the glorious child we can now parent. 

Early on in our process we had the singular pleasure of meeting a very special family. Mark and Paula were with us on our very first visit trip to Guatemala, and they are probably the only reason I ever felt comfortable traveling there by myself. You may recognize them from An Adoption Story, filmed when they brought home their second daughter, Hayle, from Guatemala. (Yes, I know CELEBRITIES!!!) 

They began a second adoption from Guatemala about a year before we began Ahren's adoption. They are the seasoned veterans of the process who held my hand. We shared the same agency (The one arrested and led away in handcuffs) We shared many tears, discussions and pain. More than once the Reality Fairy swooped in to smack one or both of us upside the head with a vengeance. Ouch! 

Want to know where Mark and Paula are this week? You would never guess. It's been 3 years and 9 months since they first accepted the referral of another little girl. A child they hoped and prayed would be their third daughter. No, they KNEW was their third daughter. A child I have met and who is very special. This little girl has waited more than half her life for her family to come get her, not understanding the issues, the roadblocks, the pure insanity of the process. Just knowing she had a family who promised to take her home some day, and wishing with all her might it would come true. 

Yesterday, her wish came true. Her family is in Guatemala to bring her home. miracles do happen! God is GREAT! Here is photo proof that they have her. That is Lexis on the left and Hayle on the right. 

Please join me in rejoicing that this precious, bright, beautiful and loving child has jopined her forever family, and that Paula, Mark, Cortney and Hayle finally have the joy of bringing her home. 

God Bless the Z Family!!!!!!!


Terri said...

I'm so happy for Paula, Lexie and the whole Z family!!!
God IS great!!!!

Bobbi said...

Wow, that is breathtaking. Maybe one day that will be you.

Paula said...

Wendy, you amaze me , how in the world did you get the picture's from my blog to yours .

Wendy , this has been a very long and difficult road to say the least , but there have been rainbow in the storm and your friendship is one of the biggest blessing we have been given along the way.

I have to thank God that you are ot a gambler , who else could pick 2 of the worst agencies for adoption.

Your right miricles do happen and I am praying for P.B.J's homecoming !

Love you

Mamita J said...

You're right. Miracles do happen!

So excited for Paula and her family!

Still hopeful for your miracle.


Ellie said...

I have been waiting for this post!


I couldn't be any happier for this family. I am type this crying... Imagine that... Me, of all people...

One down, many more to go... Including PBJ... I am not giving up hope...

Please Please tell Paula I am so happy for her...

I remember that trip, that is where I meet both you and Paula... I remember walking up to Paula and saying... I knew you from somewhere, and then it dawned on me where! Her story on Adoption Stories... It felt amazing to meet such an amazing family!

Not to mention meeting YOU~!

Hugs forever!


nikki said...

Wow what an amazing story!! Thank you for sharing their story and showing us that yes miracles do happen!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, congratulations Paula and family!!!! Paula was one of the first people who I spoke with in our agency mess.... I am so incredibly happy for Lexis! Finally, this little girls dream came true!
I believe this completes the all our families from WA's, right? I had been waiting for this moment to come!!!!

Marlene said...

This gives me goose bumps. How wonderful for them to finally get their daughter. Have a great day!