Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pulling it all together

When we got the appointment letter form the US Embassy it came with a list of documents we are supposed to have at the appointment. Normally, your agency would answer all your questions and help with the paperwork, but as you know, we don't have an agency for this adoption anymore. Our other agency has been quite helpful, though. I am pulling everything together and then I will run it all by our attorney on Monday before we head to the airport. In addition to the set of documents i have filled out, I have blank sets just in case I have messed anything up. On Tuesday we will sit down with our attorney and finish the paperwork in preparation for our Wed. morning appointment. The actual appt takes a couple of hours, then we go back after 3:30pm the next day and pick up the finished visa, etc. Then we are free to fly home. Our return flight is scheduled for Friday afternoon. (Maybe Ahren will sleep????) 

While we are down there, we will see PBJ and talk to her doctors. I am also trying to get a meeting with her attorney so I can A) find out what is going on and B) put the pressure on him. I may or may not C) smack him upside the head for messing up the original paperwork and costing us months and months of anguish. 

Let me just say one thing, loud and clear. I hate government forms. Even when they have 10 pages of instructions attached to them they make absolutely NO sense. I have a raging headache right now after spending several hours printing, filling out, re-printing, re-filling out and trying to understand these things. Think of income taxes without TurboTax or an accountant. 

Now I am off in search of meds for my head and a few moments of peace and quiet. 


Farrah said...

The best part of it is, He will be in your arms forever in just a few days!!!

ALL the wait and the wait is finally over for one anyways.... Good luck

LouLou said...

I wish you would email me the list of documents, so I could be getting them ready.... With AP we didn't have to show anything except our passports.... Where are you staying?

in case you don't have it:

Candy said...

WOOOO HOOO...I am here at MO GUATE...but had to check if you had PINK....and guess what YOU HAVE PINK!!!

Also PRAYERS with you on PBJ's case...HUGS

dana said...

If you were not doing these headache causing papers, you would still be waiting... This is better!!! Wish I could help!
Love you!!

dana said...

If you were not doing these headache causing papers, you would still be waiting... This is better!!! Wish I could help!
Love you!!

chitwood said...

Good luck this week, I will be keeping you in my prayers. It is just so incredibly exciting that Ahren will be home with you soon. I am also keeping PBJ in my prayers and hopefully you will be able to get things moving forward with her case. Safe travels.

Kelly said...

Sending you lots of good vibes and luck this week.

Bethany said...

Hang in there! I have been following your blog since PBJ got sick... You are almost there and I can't wait to see pictures of you guys reunited! I totally would think they would make the forms a little easier to understand, after all, you've already given samples of your blood!!!! :)

Susan said...

So happy to see your news. The paperwork can be a bear, but you know it's worth it! Can't wait to see photos of Ahren at home.

Karrie said...

Best wishes for a speedy, productive and SAFE trip!!!!
Kiss that sweet boy for all of us, too!! (if you have any left, that is :) ) (does that smilie look like it has a double chin?? YIKES!)
You had better bring some extra chapstick!

Michelle said...

One step closer, he is almost yours for good!!! I can't wait to hear from you!
Good luck In Guat!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you to have wonderful safe trip!