Monday, August 11, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time is creeping soooo slowly. We went and had our fingerprints re-re-done this weekend. Every 15 months, like clockwork. Just in case our fingerprints have changed and we have become serious criminals during that time, which would preclude us from adopting. Luckily we are not the criminal types or I probably would have done something seriously illegal to some adoption-related idiots over the past 3 years!

Katie got back from vacation with her Dad yesterday and I put her on a van to go to Mexico on a mission trip this morning. Levi had been missing her so much that he completely monopolized every minute with her for most of the day. He even made her sit by him while he took a bath last night and he cried when she wasn't sitting next to him at the dinner table (we re-arranged) Now he has to wait another week to see her.

PBJ saw a new neurologist and he is concerned. He wants to try a medication for her and I can only assume he means to reduce the fluid build-up in her head. He is concerend about her legs, too, and wants to have her in physical therapy 3 times per week at a clinic. (They had taken her before and she was given some exercises but not going regularly) Personally, I think she just needs to be HERE and getting medical attention.

Suitcases are packed for Ahren and PBJ. Paperwork is ready. I have a wad of Guatemalan money (it seems like a lot because it's 7.4 quetzals to the dollar) I have flights scoped out. I just need the word. OK everyone, Think Pink!!!!

Answer to the quiz: A I was out the day they handed out parts and the teacher forgot to save me one, so I ended up having to be the rock. Probably one of the reasons I turned out as twisted as I am!


Julie said...

Poor Levi! I hope Katie has a great trip and I can't wait to see that you have PINK for Ahren!!! It won't be long now - probably next week!!!!

I'll keep praying that PBJ gets excellent care until she can come HOME!

Mommy said...

WOW, you have so much going on but I know your mind is waiting and wondering when the day will be.

I am praying for that day to be soon.


LouLou said...

Have you emailed Pat at Labcorp to see how Ahren's test is coming?? You could be PINK in a few days! We are heading down the 22nd PRAYING that's the week of our appt!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I am thinking PINK. I hope you hear really soon.