Friday, August 08, 2008

Bumps in the Road

When I was in Kindergarten we performed a play called The Bump in the Road. As luck would have it, I got to play the *rock which sat in the road and caused everyone grief. The moral of the story was how to overcome these unexpected bumps in the road. Boy does that lesson come in handy in real life!!!

Yesterday I called our pediatricians office to schedule an appoinment for Ahren right after he gets home. I had paid money out of my pocket previously to take his records (what little I have) to our pedi for her to be familiar with them. She promised me she would see him right away when he came home. I know that he has had tapeworms and there is the possibility of other cantagious things he might have and I wanted to treat him ASAP. (I really do not want to spread anything to anyone else) Well, the Chica on the phone tells me the earliest they can get him in is the last week of September. Um, no, not going to work. I explain the situation and she says that is the best she can do. So I tell her our Dr. promised and that this is very important. She shuffles papers for a minute and says, Nope, can't do it. I tell her that the next time she hears from me will be to transfer the records of my 4 children to a new office, and I hang up. There might have been a little shouting on my part.

I consult our insurance directory and begin researching new doctors. I come across a new clinic nearby and like the info I see about the doctors. Speak spanish? Yes. Years of experience in different settings? Yes. Accepting new clients? Yes. I dial their number, tell them I need to schedule a physical with Dr. H and they say Sept. 9th. I begin telling my story about adopting, parasites, blah blah blah and she says they will get me in whenever I need to and they are so thrilled for me, and not to worry as soon as I know anything just to call and they will clear a spot for him. I swear, I heard angels sing and the heavens part. I about cried. They cared! They actually cared!!! Bump in the road successfully navigated.

I found out Ahren's DNA arrived at the lab late yesterday. They are working on it now. Results should be heading back to Guat by Wednesday, and I am guessing that our Visa appt will be the following Wed. Aug 20th, then home on the 22nd. That is my prediction. That is if no one drops dead, wolves don't attack and the gov't doesn't change all the rules.

And now, in keeping with the theme of bumps in the road, I bring you Princess Bump herself. Get a look at those eyelashes!!!

She is my sweet little pixie who is overcoming so much!

She is making major strides lately in physical development. Take a close look at this picture. This is something I have not seen before. She is standing by herself! She doesn't look happy about it, but she is doing it!

*Anyone want to hazard a guess why I was the lucky one who got to play a rock?

a) I was out the day parts were handed out

b) I was the only one who had gray clothes

c) It was the only way to keep me quiet and still for that long


dana said...

OK, I guess that you were out the day parts were handed out because not even playing a rock would have kept you still and quiet for very long! I cannot remember the reason, but I do remember the "rock". It does seem like a waste of such tale telling talent as you had... I am getting chills about Ahren, still praying! And that PBJ, she is adorable with a great deal of her mother's personality - strong and fiesty. I cannot wait to see you raise her. Finally, paybacks!
Love you!

Diana said...

Yeah on the Ahren news!!! Wow! 2 weeks from today he could be home!!! How exciting!! Many prayers for a successful trip and end to his adoption ordeal!

Anonymous said...


Ellie said...



Not only will he have something in common with his sissy... BUt me too~


Amy said...

I was about to tear as I read Ahren's DNA is being done as we speak and then I scrolled down to see Miss Beautiful standing!!! Holy cow!! The tears are rolling for sure....but happy ones today.

Mommy said...

Wonderful on both things. It won't be long until he is in your arms forever.

PBJ looks great!!!

Kimberly said...

Sweet little pixie indeed. I cried looking at the picture of PBJ standing... She is beautiful. After 16 months of PT and neuro ourselves, I have convinced myself that I believe what *I SEE* above all else. And I see a tough cookie who is recovering at an amazing pace. Thank God for the wonderful foster family who is helping her get the care she needs and putting her in those *cute* little shoes.