Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Boy Oh Boy

Ahren is a walking disaster! So far he has fallen backwards off the couch, fallen off a chair onto the tile floor, fallen off the bouncy horse, banged his head into every wall, and tipped the rocking chair over backwards with him in it. Oh, and he found Levi's electric 4-wheeler and took off while I had my back turned. I had to chase the little booger down! I forsee an ER trip in our near future, if not for him then for anxiety for me! He is trying to compete with Kaiya Rain (The Voice of Adventure) in that department. I am thinking of getting him a helmet and a bubble-wrap suit. His foster mother had taken him to an orthopedist in GC because he falls a lot and the doctor prescribed orthotic shoes (think Frankenstein boots). Now I understand what she meant. We have a pediatric appt tomorrow and the ortho Wed. Hopefully he won't be too covered in bruises and make them think we have been beating him. 

He is a hoot. He only cries when I make him take a nap. Then he lays thewre and cries for a few minutes yelling 'Mommy, hold me' in spanish. Too stinkin cute. Today he fell asleep in the car in the morning while we ran a couple of errands and Levi was in school. This nap. OMG...I need that nap time. I forgot how much a toddler needs watching. The house is a disaster, laundry is sitting in the dryer hopelessly wrinkled, dishes in the sink, there are fruit chews stuck under the table and the puppy dragged dirty socks all over the house. I honestly have no idea how SAHM's do it, especially if they add home-schooling to the mix. When Katie walked in the door from school I fell in her arms yelling Hooray!!!!! But, I am loving it! I have gotten a thousand hugs and kisses today. Every time I look at him he breaks into a huge grin and holds his arms out. Screw the house. Forget the laundry. My son wants me!!!!


Ellie said...

My thought exactly~!

You should take a picture of your house in the up roar, and I will mine, then we will post them and have a Mess War on blog... ANd have people vote!


Just kidding... I would never show my mess... I would never live it down~


Happy to see him getting around in YOUR HOUSE~ hahaha..



Deb said...

hey we could post pictures on the LRH- Ellies could come via Ginger- let everyone know what they are in for. My kitchen is a diaster 9thanks to baking with Bug tonight), laundryos all over my room- I have a path to my bed and thankfully Bug and I cleaned up the living room while waiting for the cookies this evening.

Bug fell all the time when he came home, I attributed to the fact that he was pretty much carried all the time before coming home. Was Ahren carried alot? The doctors noticed it right away in how his hips were so flexible and how little muscle tone he had in his legs. Not to say that it was bad, just they noticed that he clearly wasnot used to walking.

We'll be saying prayers that Ahren stays safe until the appointments and he just needs floor time in order to get his land legs.

Love and hugs to you,

dana said...

Yeah, your son, whom you have waited 2 1/2 years for, yells Mommy and wants you!!! I am with you, forget the house, that will all get done soon enough - or maybe never!!! Who cares!!!
Love you!!

angieshaffer said...

Funny how accident prone he is.

You guys are an amazing family. I look forward to every update.

Angel said...

LOL!!! OH GIRL!!! You KNOW I am feeling your pain. WOWZER! I was just praying I could keep Kaiya ALIVE the first few weeks. Toddlers are WILD and I had totally forgotten and gotten all used to having big kids that can play by themselves. AACKKK!! Man they are cute as crud and SO MUCH WORK!!

Bobbi said...

Are you still pinching yourself to see if this is really real??

Glad all is going well. Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the minor injuries and messes. Yesterday Sarah climbed on top of the UPRIGHT PIANO in order to turn on the light switch. Smart of her but YIKES! I swooped over to get her before she fell and fussed at the older children to make sure the bench was pushed all the way under. She gets into things the other two wouldn't of DREAMED of. And the mess, yikes again. It's gotten better since she's been home a few months, but I still feel like she's a one woman wrecking crew.
Aren't they great, though! What a joyful mess!
Love to you! Alice