Friday, August 29, 2008

Week of Firsts

We spent yesterday with a great group of friends, meeting at the Children's Museum in The Woodlands. Tomorrow I will post all about that, complete with pictures of the cutest kids ever! (Seriously, these kids are absolutely stinkin cute and they aren't even mine so you can't say i am biased!)

At first I thought Ahren might grow up to be a doctor, but then he transplanted a lung into the spot for the liver and I realized he might do better as an engineer (just kidding!) 
Here he is multi-tasking as a volunteer firefighter working the grocery store register. 

First swimming lesson (Mommy and me class, with a twist. We went with the person who looks GOOD in a swimsuit) He cried a little at first, but then had fun.

Watched his big brother in his swimming lesson. Go Levi!

Get a load of those eyelashes. 
I went to the consignment shop and picked up a high chair. he loves it! i was going to just have him on a booster chair at the table, but he is sooo wiggly and I just knew he would end up falling and smacking his head on the tile floor. 
He thinks Levi's Iron Man mask is the greatest. 
Coloring with markers.
The little kids computer station. He is interested in everything Levi does and it won't be long before he knows how to play some of the toddler games.
Other firsts: first Happy meal (I believe in the important things in life..Hah!), first time to pet a horse and feed it carrots, first x-rays, first carousel ride, and many many more. 


Julie said...

What a happy, happy little boy! I checked Candy's blog before yours and got to see the cute pics of the "other" kids...;)

Diana said...

And many, many more to come... How fun to finally have him home!!

BTW, my son, Joseph also has mild CP. It sounds a lot like what you described with Ahren. Thankfully, he wasn't left to rot and atrophe in an orphanage. The sooner you can do interventions, the sooner his muscles will strengthen. If he's in need of ongoing orthopedic care and/or leg braces, OT, Speech, or anything like that (which he will if it really is CP), definately look into Shriners Hospitals for Children. All their medical care and equipment is in, zilch, nada, no moolah. They even paid to have the MRI's (3 of them) done at a different children's hospital. It's worth the trip to get there!

Kelly said...

Such a cutie and it looks like you guys had fun at the museum!!!!So glad he's doing good!

Susan said...

He is adorable, and he looks very happy. I love the hair cut! Glad to see you are all enjoying him so much.

dana said...

You are all having so much fun!! You have waited so long for this that it makes it all the sweeter. Enjoy, enjoy and reap all those rewards of the many months of hardship to get that little guy home. I can see that every hug and smile is melting away all of those months of pain and heartache. And remember, he will be a teen soon enough!!!