Monday, August 04, 2008

Funny Tidbits

A co-worker received this e-mail from his wife one day last week. A nasty intestinal bug had hit their kids:

Can you please stop by either a Sam's or store on your way home and get more toilet paper and wipes. I'm wiped out. I just threw away Naomi's underwear, because there was no point. That's the kind of day I'm having.
P.S. Don't be late or I'll be forced to kill you.
I love you.

He went home early and lived to tell.....

Yesterday Levi was playing with a toy disc-shooter we had picked up out of the bargain bin at the grocery store. I was putting the groceries away and didn't have time to get it working for him. He was trying to figure it out himself when I heard him mutter, 'How does this damn thing work?' Note to self: Watch language around sponge boy.

We have finally convinced Levi that being naked is not OK. He can run around the house in a pair of boxers but not naked. So yesterday morning he was playing and I heard him doing his Nakey Boy cry. I peeked around the corner and he still had his boxers on, but he was dancing around the living room smacking his bottom and yelling Nakey Boy and singing his super-hero song. (He gets it from his father;-)

On Friday Katie and I made our third trip to the DMV to try and correct her driver's permit. When she passed the test in Feb. as the woman was entering the info into the system, she said OOPS and then said, oh well, we just have to take your picture. Then, a few weeks later Katie received a real driver's license in the mail. We just put it away and followed the rules. Later, I looked at her permit and realized it said it expired on her birthday. So for the past 2 months we have been trying to get it sorted out. Her Dad took her once, but they said that since he wasn't the one teaching her driver's ed, he couldn't do anything. So I took her and they said we needed a form from the school. We got the form from the school and went back Friday. (Note: I have to take time off of work every time and Katie has to be here with me, not in Dallas with her Dad) It took us three times as long to get there because of a major accident on the freeway. Then we had to wait another hour just to be called to stand in line. When we finally got to the counter, we told the woman what the problem was, she then got a supervisor, and then we played several rounds of 'This can't happen', 'How did you get this', and 'This isn't possible'. Poor Katie, she was getting more and more upset and trying not to cry, thinking they were going to delay her license. At one point she had to show the woman the real license they had sent her. Unfortunately, the woman had one wandering eye, and poor Katie couldn't figure out which eye to hold the license in front of. If I hadn't been so upset for her, I probably would have busted out laughing (No, I have more sensitivity for people. I would only have laughed in my head at the absurdity of all of it) But the sight of Katie hesitating, trying to figure out which eye to hold the card in front of... Supposedly they called the head office and it is straightened out. We followed the rules even though they messed up. She is still supposed to get her license on time. As my boss said, no good deed goes unpunished.

PBJ's head grew a centimeter last month. I had them re-check because it would be easy to just mis-measure, but it came out the same. They are going to start measuring her head every two weeks. I have asked them to take her back to the neurologist, too. Her head shouldn't be growing at all right now. One centimeter is not much, but if it continues that will indicate fluid building up again and the need for some intervention. She also has a pretty severe case of plagiocephaly (mis-shapen head). It is flat as a pancake in the back and bulged out on the sides. I don't know if it is too late to reshape it with a helmet or not.

No word on whether DNA has been taken on Ahren. So close. Sigh. It has been such a loooooong journey, and yet this last little bit feels worse than all the months of not knowing.

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