Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Embassy Day and PBJ

We headed out to the Embassy at 6:30 this morning, paperwork in hand, dressed well, and a diaper bag full of snacks and distractions. Let me tell you what it is like....the DMV. Sign in...wait.....go to a window......wait......stand in line.....wait....answer 4 your money....wait. Come back tomorrow with your receipt. I had tons of extra paperwork just in case and they didn't ask for one single thing. Here is what they did ask: When did you visit, are you going to change his name, will you re-adopt him, have you made an appointment with a pediatrician. Oh, and at one point they asked if my husband just doesn't like to fly, but that wasn't an official question.

Ahren decded to entertain everyone and proceeded to put on a show. He had everyone laughing making funny faces, doing dances and acting the clown. He enjoyed every minute of the attention.

We got back to the hotel around 11 am, met PBJ's foster family for lunch, hung ut with them for a while and played, then after they left we walked to the Galleria Mall and shopped. (Ahren can say 'shopping'. ) We decided not to keep PBJ with us overnight. She was easily upset and needed her FM nearby. She warmed up to us a little, especially Katie, but the thought of her being scared and unhappy just so we could see her more was not good. She has been through so much and that would have been greedy on our part and not the best for her. But, she looked fabulous. Talking, crawling, smiling, laughing, trying to walk.

The funniest thing though, was Ahren was really jealous of her. He did not like me or Katie holding her. I guess he really has laid claim to us. He said Mami all day today, whenever he wanted something and hugged and kissed us. When PBJ was leaving, he freaked out and was totally wrapped around katie. He must have thought he was going with them. When he realized he wasn't he wanted hugs and kisses. We are seeing PBJ again tomorrow at a doctors appt.

While we were at the mall we got Ahren's haircut. Actually, just a little trm to take the dry ends off and revive some of the curl. They also deep-conditioned it. It looks much better, so shiny and soft. He was laying back into the shampoo bowl and he must have liked it a lot because his eyes were half closed, he was totally relaxed and he had a half-smile on his face. He did really good through the whole thing.
I think we have a good start at attachment. A start. That means there is a lot more to go. I credit his foster family with showing him photos and videos of us and telling him who we are all through the process. Plus, he just has a very happy, easy going personality. That is a big contributor to how well he is doing right now. He is really a super little guy!!!
Sorry but blogger is not cooperating with pictures. I will try again later.


Ellie said...


Michelle said...

I haven't checked your blog in a few weeks can I just say OMG...I can't believe Ahren is with you FOREVER! I am teary eyed for you.

A dream come true!

Farrah said...

He is so adorable...And I'm so happy he is your forever!

and can I just say with that hair he could be Madisyn's brother...LOL

Kim said...

Another step down!! I'm so glad that he's doing well so far. YEAH for PBJ - and what a great mama you are - putting her needs above yours. :)

Krystal said...

Curls + a sweater vest = Total hearthrob :)

I am so glad that Ahren is doing so well and that you are all having a great time!!!!

JuJu - said...

he is so beautiful -


This post has me in tears. Tears of joy for all of you, I'm so happy for all of you, he is just so adorable! I think his foster family did a wonderful job preparing him for his Mami.

PBJ looks so so so good!

dana said...

Forever!!! Time for thanksgiving and the Snoopy dance!!!
Love you!

Kate said...

I've been away for a fortnight - wow, what a change!
Congratulations! Lovely news, thanks for sharing, keep blogging as otherwise you'll forget the small details so quickly (and we like hearing all about it!)
(Snoopy dancing in Wales for you!)