Friday, July 25, 2008

Mom, I'm Bored

It's summertime and I hear this phrase a lot. We try and plan lots of activities that keep their little bodies and minds occupied, but thereis a limit. Sometimes kids just have to entertain themsleves, especially when both parents work.

Late this morning I got the obligatory call with the whine 'Mom, I'm bored'. I rattled off my list of things they 'could' do, knowing full well that nothing I could conjure up would possibly sound like any fun. About 30 minutes later I get a call and I hear Katie on the phone, all breathless and talking so fast I swear dogs couldn't hear her. I finally understood that one of the the horses next door was out and running loose down the street. She had already sent Ashley to alert the neighbors but wanted to know what to do. I told her to grab some carrots and go out and call to it. They are all super friendly and love attention.

You would have thought I told the girl to go catch a wild tiger! OMG, what was I thinking, it might BITE her! Right, it might be a rogue quarter horse that is just cruising the neighborhood looking for a juicy victim to sink it's teeth into.

Ashley gets back and announces no one is home next door. I inform the girls that they need to catch the horse and get it back in the paddock before it wanders into a busy street. Explaining this takes about 10 times longer than it should have because I have to explain how to call a horse, how to loop a rope around it's neck and how to lead it home. Seriously. They have no clue. Ashley is the calm one (she loves horses) and is trying to help Katie wrap her brain around the concept. I finally hung up and am hoping for the best. They are supposed to call me back when they catch it and get it back into the paddock.

The cure for boredom? A good ole fashioned round-up a la city-girl fashion. Oh, and Levi has his cowboy boots on and is ready for action!

Afternoon update: They were not able to catch the turns out it wasn't our next door neighbor's horse anyway. All three of theirs are still in the paddocks. Someone else's horse must have escaped and come visiting. It turns out it was a very good thing they didn't catch it and put it back. Think what the neighbor would have thought when they came tonight and found an extra horse. I am still laughing about it!!!


JuJu - said...

I can picture the whole thing;)

I want you to know that I am praying for PBJ's case and for your little guy too:)

Ellie said...


I was waiting for an update~

I don't think horse multiply like rabbits~ Could you imagine!

My thought are with you and your family with the news of PBJ... But down in my heart, I know she will come home... SO STAY POSITIVE... You never give up! I know it is hard at times... You never gave up on Ahren, and now look how close you are with him!!! And you will be able to see PBJ when you pick him up too~