Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sweet PBJ

This precious little one needs a break! PGN originally kicked her file out and sent it to investigation last September. They took their sweet time completing the investigation, complete with 2 birth mother interviews, but they did finally find everything to be fine and the judge signed off on it. It went back to PGN where it got kicked out immediately and they brought the attorney in for questioning about a document. That court found everything to be fine with the attorney, no fraudulent behavior, and the file again went back to PGN. Where it AGAIN was kicked out and sent to be re-investigated! A new investigator is now assigned the case and they want the birth mother to come in again to be interviewed. I am heading out in a minute to wire the funds to bring the birth mother in. The investigator said if they can bring her in right away, he could finish the investigation in about a month. And maybe, just maybe, PGN will finally accept her case.

Look how big she is getting! What a precious little thing she is.
She had been to a party and in both hands she is clutching candy. She knows what the good stuff is!
I love this picture. All sacked out dreaming sweet dreams (probably of candy...)
And look at our big girl making a mess with her food. How adorable is that!!!!

I really need to get this little pumpkin home. The hydrocephaly from the head injury seems to have stabilized and her head has not grown for quite a while, but the initial pressure and seizures have likely caused some damage. Her head is at 50 cm, which is quite large for her age (way off the charts) so the pressure must have been quite high at that point. (The pressure is what forces the boney plates of the head out so quickly) Luckily, the injury happened before her bones had all fused so they could expand. Otherwise she would be dead. She is almost 22 months now, but developmentally around the 10-12 month level. She understands a lot of words but isn't really speaking. She is growing well and is a happy, happy little peanut, so that is great! I can't wait to see her soon. My precious little angel.


Krystal said...

She is so precious. It stinks that everything goes in slow motion and that cases have to get re-investigated and re-re-investigated. . . I am praying for good news for PBJ's case.

dana said...

She is so beautiful and needs to be home with your love and your care. I am praying so hard!!
Love you!

JuJu - said...

praying for you, and for her - you have had quite a fight to bring that angel home - I am believing for good news SOON:)
she is really gorgeous Wendy:)
all your kids - all 5 of them are:)

Pattie & Rob said...

She is such a cutie!!! I know you can't wait to see her when you pick up Ahren. I pray for her to get back in PGN and out quickly so you can bring this little angel home.


She's looking really good, nice chubby little arms and legs! And definitely happier! She really does need to be home with you though where she can get the best care....lots of hugs/kisses and love and good doctors!
Hope you hear some good news soon!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie. I'm sure she will thrive once she is home. She looks great though - I'm sure it's a huge relief to know she is being well cared for.

Anonymous said...

Awe so cute
In the pic where she is sleeping it looks to me like shes dreaming of being home in Texas, tucked in her little crib knowing her momma is right there in the same house with her, ready to hold her and cuddle her forever and always.
Wendy, soon it will be a reality with both babies.
God Bless