Thursday, July 03, 2008

So much excitement

I am soooo excited that we have a 3-day weekend and NOTHING planned. I will spend some time getting clothes ready and washed for Ahren, organizing the boy's closet and beginning to pack my suitcases. I am also going to knit, knit some more and top that off with knitting. There may or may not be spontaneous trips to seek out new yarn, but there will probably be much fondling of yarn from my stash. I know, I can hardly stand the excitement of my life. But someone has to be me!

Julia challenged me with listing 5 things I cannot live without, so here goes. (Again, the excitement may be too much for some viewers)

1) Sleep. I have always needed sleep. I can barely function on too little sleep. Eight hours is necessary to me being human. Less than that and all bets are off!

2) Sunshine. Love, love, love the sun. Love to be outside, love to enjoy nature, have to have sunshine to be happy. I think I might have been a lizard in a former life and spent my days lying on a rock in the sun, because I would really love to be able to do that now.

3) My mini-van. It is a giant rolling cup-holder, trash-can and child hauler all in one. I can fit amazing amounts of things into it (gotta love the seats that fold into the floor) I use it to haul garden supplies, groceries, furniture and cheerleading squads. The only thing I would have added is a floor drain so I could just hose the thing out. Let's just say that the $29.99 special at the carwash is something I really get my money's worth from, especially after the traumatic Smothie King accident of 2007 (half melted berry smoothie upside down on the floor).

4) Good water pressure. Our last house had pathetic water pressure, especially in the early morning when everyone's sprinkler system was going off. I like a nice hot, invigorating shower in the morning and having to stand under a wimpy trickle just makes me irritable. Now we have great water pressure and I come out of my shower happy and clean and ready to face the day.

5) Cell phones. How did people keep track of their families before the advent of cell-phones? Our phones are essential to keeping connected. I have even learned to text although I am horribly slow at it. I don't really talk to anyone else on my cell phone, just my family, but without it I am lost. If I forget my phone my anxiety level shoots up and I start to imagine all kinds of emergencies and situations where I am needed and they can't reach me. (You know, because I am just that important....yeah, when they need money!)

So there you go. I warned you. And to think I used to do really exciting things like skydive and travel. Now my biggest excitement is 1 cup of coffee or two......

Oh, and the cakes for the party? I totally did not make those. I heated up the hotdogs all by myself, though!


dana said...

Oh come on, I didn't even rate in your list... Am I not more important than water pressure?? I know, you were thinking things and not people, yeah, yeah... Where would you be without me..!!! The one you learned to fight with, the one who put you in your place when you got upitty (sp?). Without me you would have more self esteem than anyone could handle!! You owe me!!
Happy 4th!!
Love you!

Wendy said...

Oh my sweet, sweet, oft hated older sister. Seriously, how could I live without you? Who else would understand my twisted sense of humor and KNOW it's not my fault!!! Who else knows where to find the butter tub with their eyes closed?? Who else understands this little sister who is so confident on the outside and so scared on the inside? I love you more than cheese!!!! (I may have to explain that one.... hee!

Your lil sis