Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pix do my heart good

I am outta here guys! I'm heading to Texas. (I have a copy of his birth certificate in my hand, oh yeah!)OK, I will try and sit here while you annoy me with that flashy thing.
But you can't make a guy wait around too long. My Momma is coming for me and I need to be ready!
Just thinking about it makes me smile!!!

Cutie Patootie working hard at this walking business. Or maybe she is expressing her opinion on having to wait longer before she comes home???
Can you believe h ow big I am getting? And get a load of my adorable shoes. My foster Mommy has great taste!
Sending you kisses!


dana said...

Birth certificate!!! Yahoo!!! I could just cry I am so happy for you!
Love you!

Ellie said...

Omg... OMG...

It is only a matter of days now...

Hurry home Ahren.. Your big Bother CAN'T wait to teach you lots of mischief to get into!


Nora Glenys said...


I can hardly wait until your on your way.

Susan said...

Woo hoo!


BC in hand! Fabulous news! I can't wait till you say "my son is home with my daughter close behind!"

PS They are both so adorable!

Pattie & Rob said...

I'm so excited for you!!! You must be over the moon right now. I can't wait to hear that you finally have that sweet boy home. What a doll baby!! They both are. I pray that PBJ is not far behind.

Amy said...

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Did you hear me all the way over there in Texas?!?!?! Get busy packing girl, it will be soon.

JuJu - said...


Deb said...


We are celebrating for you!!!!!!

Not much longer, not much longer, not much longer. Are you ready?????

Love to you,
Deb and Little Bug

Terri said...

YAY for the birth certificate!!!! Your so close!!!!

Andrea said...

HOLY cow!! I am SO excited for you!!! I just could die for those curls!! I am just over the moon!!!

Gayle said...

WooHoo!!! It's so close, you can taste it. Persistence is paying off. Thank God the day is finally coming!!! And to the pack of wolves...BACK OFF!!! Momma bear is coming for her baby! If you know what's good for'll run. Run far, far away. "Cause there ain't no stoppin' her now! Go get 'em, girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Day! Go get em Mama!

I'm over the moon happy for you all!

Ana's Mommy