Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random family stuff

Apparently Levi has been using his toothbrush to scrub something other than his teeth. This weekend I discovered that the bristles were all flattened and it had a funny color to it. (We are using the don't ask/don't tell theory on this one.....yuck) When I was at the grocery store Sunday night I picked him up a new one. I got him an electric one that has a character from Pirate's of the Carribean on it. I prefer the electric ones so that he gets maximum scrubbing while he plays at brushing his teeth. I pulled it out of the bag and handed it to him and his face just lit up. He played with it a minute, then looked at me and said, 'Mommy, why are you so nice to me?'

I gave him a huge hug and said 'Because I love you sooo much!'

The days of being able to show I love him with a $3 toothbrush are growing shorter. So are the magical powers I have to kiss away his hurts and to banish monsters from under the bed. The days where he will wear what I put on him without a fight, let me cut his hair myself and hold my hand in public. My little man is growing up way too fast.

The girls went to their Dad's house on Saturday to spend a week or two. Sunday Levi was crabby and I asked him why. He said he missed his best friend. Oh honey, who is that? He said Ashley. (It varies day to day, but it is always Ash or Katie who is his best friend) He said he needed to hold her hand. That she can make him feel better. I about cried. Or maybe I did a little....

Today we are supposed to get Ahren's new birth certificate. We should have had it last week, but the gentleman who signs them died. I can't complain about a week of extra wait, not when someone lost their life. So today we should have it. They have scheduled Ahren to get his passport photos today and they will apply for his passport later this week. They will also apply to the embassy for the approval to get the second DNA test performed. Once that is done we will receive our emabssy appointment and bring him home. It's about 3 weeks away now if all goes well. Those rabid wolves could still break in and pee on our file so I'm not holding my breath!

I packed Ahren's suitcase this weekend. It still doesn't seem real, and as I packed I thought to myself that at least these were all things I could leave with him. In my mind I still have not accepted that I won't be leaving him there ever again. I am still carefully guarding my heart. I am fearful that about the time I step off the plane in Houston with him it will all hit me and they will have to mop up my blubbering incoherant self. Lord have mercy when those defenses finally break down because I may not let go of the poor boy for a year!


dana said...

It is getting so close, I have goosebumps... Hang in there, I know that this is the toughest time of all because it seems so close and yet so unreal. Just know how much you are loved!!!

Krystal said...

I was just grumbling to myself yesterday - where in the world is Ahren's BC!?! So, I am very happy to hear that you expect it today. I will be even happier to hear that your "super" attorney actually got it - hee hee!

Nora Glenys said...

When we got our Embassy appointment it was for two months away and during that time I couldn't get anything done. I couldn't concentrate on anything long enough to accomplish any task. I'm very impressed that you have packed Ahren's suitcase. That means your doing great. Hang in there. It's almost over.

Anonymous said...

The plane ride home is killer, thank God it was dark out and in the plane by the time the water works rolled in...whoa, get a window seat its easier to hide in! My husband did not even ask too many stupid guy questions like, why are you crying, this is a happy time. Not a word, I think if he could have, he would have cried too. Our adoption lasted about 8 months longer then it should have, so you will have triple the tears! Good luck! Think big sunglasses and a visor...tee hee, bring the tissue.

Ana's Mom

Susan said...

I'm sorry, I know this is completely inappropriate, but I actually laughed out loud when I read your matter-of-fact statement that the BC took an extra week because the man who was supposed to sign it died. I mean, really -- could you have expected that one simple thing to go smoothly?

I'm sorry he lost his life, and I'm sorry I laughted, but I am VERY HAPPY that it looks like you are getting so close!

Wendy said...

Susan, I have to admit, I laughed too! My first thought when they told me of the delay was, 'Of course he died! He took one look at our cursed file and probably keeled over dead'.


All I could think of when I heard the poor man died who signs the BC was when the adoption process started was he a very young man? ;)

PS I love the Levi stories! He reminds me so much of my son I might need to send you a heads up for the future!