Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Twiddling my thumbs

Aaack! I always hated the last few weeks of my pregnancies. They seemed to take longer than the whole pregnancy had up until that point. That's the same point I am at now, but a lot more physically comfortable! I can't stand this wait!!!! So close, just a few more days, almost here.....I just want to zip down there, grab him and come straight back. We should have news tomorrow on getting our documents turned in at the Embassy and scheduling the second DNA test. Then about 10 days and we will have our notification of our Embassy appointment. If all goes well I should be travelling in 2 weeks or so. Considering I am about 22 MONTHS overdue, I think I am holding up pretty well!

Conversation between my girls in the store yesterday:
A: That looks cheap.
K: Like you would know cuz you're a millionaire and all.
A: Well at least I am not going to be a stripper when I grow up.
K: At least I have the body to be one.
A: You think.

I quietly snuck around the corner and pretended I didn't know them. (They were laughing while saying these things. Obviously they think they are hysterical....)

Levi was watching a DVD the other day when he announced, "That guy's nemesis is playing the piano." Chris and I both looked at him, wondering if he had actually just used the word 'nemesis', so he explained to us that the nemesis was the bad guy in the movie and gave us the example of Batman and the Joker. Guess he really did use the word, and correctly too!

I took my three kids and a friend of theirs to the DMV and to the mall yesterday. Obviously I am certifiably insane if I did that willingly. I lasted a couple of hours and then forced them all back into the car when my pounding headache threatened to bring me to my knees. (Actually, they were pretty good but my head had been hurting all day already) We got Ashley several pairs of jeans and each of my kids a new pair of shoes, including Ahren. We were in the Van's store, which looks like a skate board park inside, and while we waited Levi put on a show for everyone. He had all of us and several other people cracking up. I think this kid is destined to be the class clown. Oh goody, another one. I just don't know where they get it....


Krystal said...

You're so close - I can hardly stand it! I cannot wait to see you with that curly-headed little Angel Boy!!!!!

Marlene said...

Hang in there Wendy. It's righ around the corner. I cant wait to see him blended into all toyour family photos.

dana said...

Where do they get it...? I have pictures to prove that "the apple does not fall far...". Hang tight and keep shopping!!
Love you!


That Levi cracks me up!! And the convo between your girls was hilarious! I can't wait to see Levi's "influence" on Ahren! He's going to be such a great big brother!