Monday, November 15, 2010

Very Bad, No Good Day

I have a huge responsibility to the patients i see every week. their progress, their success, their very futures depend on ME. How scary is that! There used to be 4 therapists at my work, but now it is just me. i see as many patients, do as much work, even more. I have strived to take a load off of the doctors to free them up for more patients. I do things for the doctors that no one else has ever done.
Today, I felt that I needed to tell them that there may be times in the near future that I need time off of work, and that in the long run I may be less available to them. I spoke to the coordinator first. Her basic response was, 'Please let me know in advance, at least the day before, if you need off. If not, you need to take home the schedule for the next day and call all of them yourself.'
Then, in our paychecks this week, was a list of rules. They were worded in a very derogatory way and made all of the employees (that I talked to anyway) feel like garbage. The main message I got was 'quit gouging the company'! Now all of the people I work with work super duper hard, care immensely about the company and have a great work ethic. So what the heck? And the nerveless balls they had to put it in a note in the paychecks. They can't address us directly? Cowardly bastards!
So I asked my dear Dr. W about it, and he DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING! Say what? That tells me everything. I wish this wasn't the internet because I want to tell a certain doctor and his wife what I really think about them. They portray themselves as true Christians and then turn around and stab others in the back at their time of need. Lead by example, I say. Do not condemn those you do not know.
And, for the people who do not seem to have a heart or a soul: kiss my bohonkis.

My days at work are numbered. My kids mean more than their crappola.


Anonymous said...

I think the needs of your own children need to come first at the moment because when you are old, you don't ever spent the time wishing you had spent more time at work, you spend it wishing you had spent more time with family.
You truly are a amazing person with a Great Passion for Family and Work, however if you don't have a supportive work enviroment that will allow you the time you need for family, then maybe you need to stick to your orginal plan and be a stay at home Mum. Your own life is stressful enough without having the stresses of work.
If you feel the need to work maybe you could have a small Private practise or join one because you can only stretch yourself so far and expecting you to do the work of four both unjust and unfair.
If there is such a thing as Work Abuse and abuse of Skills and Compassion, you surly do suffer from it.
With workover load +4, how do you switch your brain off and sleep at night.
You need to take care of yourself so that you can always be there for your family.
The need out there is great and the skills you have are invaluable, however right now, so are your own needs and the needs of your family.
In a few years time when your boys are a little older, the needs of other children will still be there, and so will you.
Thinking of you across the miles of ocean.
Take Care
Love Jo
from Soth Australia

Wendy said...

Oh Jo, I could just HUG you! I needed to hear that so much. Thank you dear woman!!!

Anonymous said...

Any time you choose your family over work you did the right thing. Good for you. Hang in there - I follow you blog regularly and am so sorry for what you're going through right now.

Kim, Hector's mom