Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet Hope

For several years now I have read and supported the efforts of a lovely lady named Elle. We got to e-know each other during our adoption processes. Each of ours was a twisted path of pain and ultimately joy. You cannot share a journey like that without feeling somehow truly connected to someone.

Now for the good part. She makes candy. Truffles and caramels that the best candy makers in the world would be jealous of. She makes these sweet treats and sells them only once a year. Every cent she makes she sends to support a small orphanage in Mirnoe, Russia (at least I think it is Russia, they keep changing the names and country lines and I am so confused!) Did you hear me? She does all the work and then sends every single cent to the orphans.

Want to impress family at the holidays? Need gifts to give to all of your co-workers at the office? Looking for something extra-special for someone you care about? Teachers gifts? Stocking stuffers? Head on over to Sweet Hope and show Elle some love. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Plus, once you tell your gift recipients about that 'every cent goes to orphans' your gift will warm their hearts. It's a win-win situation.

Oh, and don't forget to buy a little something for yourself. If you don't you will be sorry!

Go visit

Hurry, time to place orders is limited. Go now. I'll wait.

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Elle said...

And did you all know I only do this through word of mouth and I don't spend a dime on advertising? It's true. I also personally hand scoop your truffles and hand cut all the caramels...(ok, I might have a volunteer or two help)