Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to pass time quickly

Yesterday we donated blood and then came home and did chores. Those chores involved entertaining 3 very rambunctious boys. I was exhausted long before bedtime.

Today Kaytee came in town and we took the boys bowling. Black light bowling of course! That didn't even come close to wearing them out. Then we went shopping for clothes. Then grocery shopping (oh lord save me!) and home. Again I am exhausted and they are not. Dang!

I sent them all to chase puppies in the back yard and to swing for a long time. Now we have had dinner, baths and fresh jammies. I am ready to fall in bed. Them, not so much.

I want to slide by the next week or so until we have some test results but I am afraid they might kill me! How much energy can three boys have? Don't answer that!!!

They are saving me. My love and attention to them is all I can think about. My brain is occupied. Thank the Lord. Thank you my boys. I love you so much!!!!!

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