Monday, November 22, 2010


The latest news we have on Ahren's tests is that I got in touch with the nurse and she said the results were back but the doctor needed to look at them and call us. With this being a short holiday week, what do you think the odds are we will hear before Thursday? sigh...

Seth is on his third ADHD medication. The first one was changed because he kept choking trying to swallow the capsule and throwing up. The second was a patch and it seemed to work somewhat at first but quickly lost all efficacy. Now we are on a third one, a very small capsule that I put in caramel sauce and he swallows. So far it doesn't seem to work at all but it has been only 5 days. All of us, the therapist, the physician and myself, think there is more to what is going on. He has a very high anxiety level (the shredding of food) has very low lows (screams and hurts himself) and very high highs (can laugh for 30 minutes straight in a high pitched cackle for no reason) and very little self control. We will be adding another mood stabilizer med in a couple of weeks to see if it helps. The one thing I know for sure is that none of the meds has slowed down his appetite or growth (common side affects). He is up to 41 pounds and just a hair under 43 inches tall. He has gone from a 2T to a 5T in pants. Poor baby tells me his legs hurt and I believe him!

Remember the puppy I mentioned that Kaytee's boyfriend got for her? Well at first they kept her at his apartment, but surprise! He wasn't supposed to have a dog and got busted. So he dropped her off at Kaytee's apartment, but she can't have a puppy either. Anyone want to guess where this puppy lives now? Meet Aspen, the very talented go-cart riding puppy.
Seth, have you been picking your nose?
No Mom.
Meet Jingles, our very own elf who watches over our kids and reports nightly back to Santa. He had to come early this year because of some very poor behavior choices on the part of three boys. (Yes, Levi does get in trouble too!) What this poor little guy sees must be very traumatizing. Just look at those crazy eyes!
Small boy, small dog.
Big boy, big dog.
Chris was off hunting this weekend so we decided to get busy. Lots of little hands for helping.
Lots and lots of lights for hanging.
A sweet angel to top it off.
We are definitely in the Christmas spirit. You should have heard all the questions about Jesus. Or as they always call him, Baby Jesus. I did my best to answer them all but ended up having to admit ignorance on some. Does anyone really know if Baby Jesus was allergic to hay?
Buster thinks Rudolph is just fine the way he is, nose and all.


Elle said...

why exactly do boxers think they are lap dogs? Ours does that too. She does not quite realize she is the size of a small pony.

Diana said...

Praying for you, girl.

Thankfully adderal has worked pretty well for the hyperactivity, but we still have a pretty explosive and unstable kid. Crazy thing this morning was that no matter how hard he was raging, he was still VERY careful through it not to hurt mom's tummy. Guess what? My kid might look out of control, but he's not. He's just over the top angry at the world and doesn't know why? Have you considered FASD?

Kara said...

What patch was Seth on? My son has ADHD and we are trying to find the "right" medicine. We are now on our second go round with a patch called clonidine. First time it made him mean about 2 weeks into it. This time we are keeping him at a low dose in hopes he doesn't get mean because until then it works SOOOO good. Vyvance made him very OCD and he didn't sleep or eat. This is so tough!
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

We have had our adopted son, Joe age 7 from Guatemala on 5 medicines for ADHD, none of which were effective for very long and all of which caused major side effects. We switched to ATTEND and EXTRESS by Vaxa. Google it. It did take us the full 45 days to see a difference, which was HARD. But now he is on just that and a good multivitamin. Our son was very carb sensitive which is often seen in kids from trauma no carbs except veggies either. Which is also HARD! LOL Jennifer Distefano Bryan/College Station Texas

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say......major prayers being sent up for Ahren!! Jennifer Distefano