Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to keep busy

Long holiday weekends mean rest and relaxation.....NOT! As a child I remember being horribly bored on long holiday weekends. As a young adult I remember whirling in social engagements on those weekends. As a newly married person there were lots of family obligations, visits to Auntie Sue and Cousin Flora and people I did not know but knew me. When I was a young parent of one or two, the family obligations continued, only with small persons in tow. Small persons to dress up and show off and pray behaved in the most adorable fashion. (Which they mostly did)

Today, in the here and now, long weekends mean extra hours to try and accomplish important home-oriented projects. Chris and I set our sights on a big re-organization project for this weekend. This works in two ways for us. We accomplish something positive and we do NOT think about things NEGATIVE. (Or so the story goes...)

Off of the master bedroom in our house, which we designed, is a 'bonus' room. It has a window and doorway and ceiling fan and lights. It is the size of a smallish bedroom, but long and rectangular. Our plans for the room were to use it as a place for a nursery, then exercise room or library/sitting room. Instead, it became our large storage closet! Shocked? Not me. We moved in a super-hurry and there was so much we just didn't have time to really sort out or find a home for. Here in south Texas, you cannot put keepsakes like photos and such into the attic or garage because the heat will destroy them. They need to be in AC controlled space. Then there were all the things I just didn't know what to do with. And all my knitting and sewing stuff. And left-over home decorations. Etc, etc, etc. Hence the , ummmm, disaster area!

This is what I tackled this weekend. At the same time I had envisioned a mud-room - back entry way bench, storage system that I had convinced Chris we needed. He has been working all weekend on that. What was I thinking? Both of us busy and 3 boys bored out of their gourds? Chris and I have both made progress but our house looks like a tornado hit it, followed by a marauding band of wild monkeys and a small circus. OMG! I want to sleep in the barn it is so bad. In the end, I think it will be worth it, but I don't know how many brain cells and gray hairs this is going to cost me. Too many is probably the answer.

Please send help. Preferably chocolate and alcohol. And maybe a tranquilizer dart gun......

Oh, by the way, small boys and young dogs are having a contest in my house. Who can leave the most bodily waste products for me to find. Right now it is even. Lucky me.


DFNY said...

That was just beautiful, Ashley! Thanks for letting your mom share this with all of us.


Sharing Life and Love said...

Reaching out in hopes that you know of a great family for a great little guy who needs a loving family. He is Four Yrs old, adopted from Guatemala at One Yr Old...If you know of anyone open to an active, healthy, smart (not to mention gorgeous) little guy---please contact me and I can pass on the agency contact.

Either email me: bepowers90 at yahoo dot com

or message me via my blog.

I am amazed by how your family has grown since I first came across your blog when you were waiting on Ahren to come home! Since then, my family has adopted a waiting child from China.

You (and Angel) were two of my first inspirations...

Susan said...

I keep checking back for news of Ahren. I hope you're all doing OK.