Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hangin with the Homeys

I took the rest of the week off and already had all next week off of work. I hadn't really planned on taking three days off this week, but our nanny's grandmother passed away last night and their family is heading to Alabama today. As sad as I am for their loss, I am breathing a sigh of relief that I can legitimately take the time off.

In the next week we will get the test results that either confirm or disprove the doctors diagnoses. From what I have read (I know, do NOT Google serious things cuz you will freak out. Too late!) an experienced doctor can make the diagnoses from physical examination with about 100% accuracy. There are very unique markers of this syndrome that when all present are definitive. And of course Ahren has them. Ugh! The blood test is then just used as confirmation.

So we wait. (And obsess and try not to Google and lose that battle and .............)

Oh, and the kids have all been very well behaved lately. A little blessing in the storm, I say. Plus the fact that we are settled into a routine, the weekends have been quieter and more family oriented, and they have been able to play outside for hours each day all help. Each day is full of hugs and laughs and root beer floats!

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