Thursday, April 24, 2008


Last night was a toughie. Levi is prone to night terrors when he is overly tired. Yesterday was a big big day. The weather was gorgeous and he played outside all day. Grayson (Nanny's grandson) was there to play with him too, so they both went non-stop all day. I couldn't get him to eat any dinner. I served one of his favorites, meatloaf and cheesy potatoes, but he just pushed it around on the plate. He drank some milk and that was his entire dinner. You can lead a kid to dinner but you can't make them eat. Then it was into the tub to de-stinkify the boy. Into jammies, a drink and into bed. He fell asleep pretty quickly. But several hours later he began screaming, kicking, thrashing and clawing. He wasn't awake, and you couldn't wake him up. (We tired out of desperation) It felt like it went on for hours. Just when he would calm down a bit, he would wind back up. Eventually I carried him around the house and that started to calm him down. He woke up enough to go to the bathroom, get another drink and begin to relax. It still took holding him for a while longer until his breathing slowed down and his muscles relaxed. Finally, I put him in bed with us and collapsed beside him. He drifted off immediately, but I lay there with my brain racing. Today I feel like I am a walking zombie.
We have our flight info and hotel reservation info for Hollywood. This is getting exciting/scary. This is a real Hollywood agent, one you see on the red carpet with celebs. Someone who routinely brunches with the rich and famous. She has probably seen Brittany Spears without hair and Lindsay Lohan drunk. (Oh wait, the whole world has seen that!) We want to see some of the sights in LA while we are there. (Hopefully NOT the Brittany or Lindsay type) Honestly, I would be more comfortable in the electric chair than in Hollywood!
Last night, while Levi was in the tub, I told him to do something and he answered, 'Yes, I mean Ma'am.' Well, at least they are teaching him manners at school.
Ashley is playing basketball in a private league. The coach is blind (seriously) He relies on the assistant coach to tell him what is happening. Well at last weeks game, the assistant coach was gone, and the coach was on his own. The other team started out fine but then got progressively more and more physical with our team. The refs weren't calling it, and the other coach certainly wasn't going to say anything. Ashley got elbowed in the face, tackled form behind and shoved all over. She isn't used to playing that way, and neither is the rest of their team. They ended up just getting out of the way and the other team won. Some of the parents tried to say something, but no one wanted to hurt our coaches feelings. He is a super nice guy. Ashley's dad talked to the assistant coach the next day and told him what happened. They now have a plan that whenever the assistant has to be out, Ashley's dad will fill in. He won't let the kids get beat up by the other team and he knows the rules. He is a good and fair man and will be able to step up and protect the girls. These are junior high school age kids, learning basketball and supposed to be having fun while getting the basics. Instead I think they felt like they had taken up boxing last week.
In other news, the deer are about to have fawns. There is one poor extremely pregnant doe that slowly waddles into our yard every evening and eats the corn. She looks absolutely miserable. She must be having twins (are triplets possible?) I feel for her evertime I see her. I figure she is due any day now. You only get that truly miserable right before you deliver. I can't wait to get fawn photos!!!

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