Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some evening

It has been really hot around these parts lately. Upper 80's most days. Ugh! Yesterday when I got home I did the usual chores. Picked strawberries, watered them, watered other plants, put moth balls around the watermelon plants because something has nibbled them a little, picked up the mail, put out corn for the deer, blah blah blah. (Isn't my life horribly exciting!) All the time I was doing these things, Levi, Grayson (almost 4 yr) and Mina were tearing around the backyard squealing and having a blast. (Updated to add that Mina is the little girl we share our Nanny with. She is 2 1/2 and Grayson is nanny's grandson who comes to play)I got in the house finally and Levi came in, bright pink and overheated, so Katie set him on the counter and got him a glass of ice water. The next thing I know he is spewing like a little Mount Vesuvius and it's all over him, the counter, the cabinets and the floor. I grabbed a towel and wet it down and started wiping him down with it to get the stuff off and to cool him down more. Poor thing, he had eaten about a bushel of red grapes for snack and he was now covered in pukey grape skins. (Gee, thanks for the visual!) Mina was trying to see what was going on and all worried about Levi, Grayson looked like he was about to cry cuz his buddy was sick, the puppy was tearing around like her tail was on fire and the phone started ringing. Katie ran a bath and I got the poor kid out of his clothes and into the tub. Then I left her to watch him and I went back to clean up. (Have I ever mentioned how wonderful it is to have her around at times like this? She is a god-send!!!) After I got it cleaned up, I went back and washed Levi and got him all wrapped in a big fuffy towel and then Mina and Grayson had to give him hugs and make sure he was OK.

After they left and I got his jammies on him, he wanted to lay in our bed and watch TV. He seemed pretty lethargic but no fever. Later I made him some toast and tea and he ate and drank a little. Then he conked out. This morning he was 100% normal and raring to go. We'll have to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't overheat again. I know he loves being outside but he will need enforced water breaks and cooling down periods.

So how was your evening? Hah!

I was reading some posts the other day by other working Moms and how to juggle it all. Here is something I found amazing. Most of them said they eat out or get take out at least 2 times a week. What an idiot I am! I slave away cooking and planning meals and I don't have to? Seriously, I must be brain dead or something. Of course, until just recently there wasn't anything anywhere near us. When I first moved out here there was one gas station and nothing else. Plus, I really enjoy cooking. My favorite show is Top Chef (loving the new season) and on the weekends I love to get creative and make up new recipes. To me cooking is fun and enjoyable. Now cleaning? Yeah, not my fave. Too bad Chris wouldn't let me put the floor drain in the living room and add a big flush handle.


dana said...

OK, maybe you are not enforcing the "organic plague", as Alexa calls our eating habits, but we all know that you are serving much healthier meals to your family bacause you take the time to cook for them. Keep it up!

Pattie & Rob said...

Hi Wendy - I love reading your blog, and I always get a laugh from your posts, your kids sound amazing. And I admire your honesty and what your doing for PBJ and Ahren.
I was just wondering who Mina and Grayson are? Sorry I usually try and read between tasks at work mostly..LOL so I may have missed who they are at some point?
Hope your night is much better tonight.

Ellie said...

Glad to see my little super hero back to his little self...

Kudo's to big sissy!!!

How was my night??? HAHAHA... You don't even want to get me started!

Here are 3 bullets from the Beginning , middle and end of the night... You picture everything in between...

1) Went to see my dad
2) Angelena tried to feed Angelo something, that is not eatable.
3) I managed to get Angelo out of my bed at 1:30 this morning...

HEHEHE... NOW... That is just the Highlights!