Saturday, April 26, 2008

Have a cup of java

I got a call yesterday morning from Katie. During school hours. That is not good. Not good at all. This time it wasn't too bad though. No Big Chunky, no fear for her life panic, no begging to move to Alaska. Instead, she was walking to class and a girl behind her managed to spill a cup of hot coffee all over Katie.  My first thought was, 'What the heck was a kid doing with a hot cup of coffee between classes and where did she get it?' (Yeah, I'm a concerned parent like that. My first thought wasn't if Katie had been burned, but how a high school kid gets a cup of coffee during the school day....) Anyway, the principal told her she could go home to shower and change and then come back to school. Apparently her hair and the front of her shirt were soaked with coffee. OK, second thought I have is how does someone accidentally spill a cup of coffee while walking behind Katie and have it go over her 5'8" body soaking her hair and down her front? Katie maintains the girl did it on purpose, the girl claims it was an accident. Classic she said/she said scenario. The principal couldn't do anything except let Katie get cleaned up. My last thought while listening to the story was 'What did Katie and her wayward mouth do to contribute to this situation?' (Oh, I am no dummy. I know this child!) So, in the end, Katie got to miss some school and all is well. The coffee wasn't so hot it burned her and she only smelled like java for a little while. 

I still wonder how a high school kid got coffee in the middle of the day? Surely the school doesn't have a coffee bar??? The day the school puts in a Starbucks is the day I begin homeschooling!


Elle said...

My former highschool remodeled a few years after I graduated. They put in a Pizza Hut/Taco Bell and an espresso stand. Not Starbucks, but still an espresso stand. They say it is so the students can earn work experience. Guess that's living in the NW for you.

dana said...

HOmeschooling eh? I think I would just give her a coffee card and tell her to go decaf...HA!