Saturday, April 05, 2008

Our weekend project

I like to do little special project with Levi on the weekends. Last weekend we made this step stool. On the top it says 'Reaching for the stars....Begins with one small step.'   Isn't it cute? 


Anonymous said...

You Rock Wendi!!!!! That is an awesome project!!!!!

We are in Ohio for Nationals Jaiden took 3rd on her individual, and her one team is on 3rd place, 6 pts behind 1st place and her other team is in 1st place by 50 pts. All of our other teams are in 1st also. It's been a great weekend, we find out results tomorrow afternoon!!!!! GO GBE!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

~Michelle Whittemore
Green Bay, WI

Natalie C. said...

What a great quote and great project.

Elle said...

We have that same stool. I got it when I worked for BYB.

Wendy said...


That's the one! I loved their stuff. I found the kit stashed in a box and finally got around to doing it. I also love the giant pig bank. I wish they were still around!