Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just another Wed.

I e-mailed the attorney on PBJ's case today to try and urge him to move a little bit. Apparently he has not submitted the letter verifying the translator they used for the birth mom. All he has to do is write the letter, identifying the translator, explaining the situation, and then add it to the file and re-submit it to PGN. This was supposed to have happened 2 weeks ago. If he doesn't get this done I have every intention of finding him when I go to Guatemala and opening my Texas size can of whoop a$$ on him. We have paid him VERY WELL to work this case and he won't get the final large chunk until it is done. You would think that would be enough incentive to finish it! But noooo, nothing ever goes according to the normal schedule for us. I should be used to it by now!

I got to see the proofs for the pix taken at Levi's school recently. They are really cute, except he has this kind of pained smile on his face. I asked him why he smiled like that and he said it was the only smile he could think of. Silly boy.

Now, as for Katie and her driving lessons, she is getting so much more relaxed and it shows in her driving. I do have to correct her now and then, but I can just tell she isn't as tense anymore. She does seem to have an issue with remembering to turn the car off and take the keys out though. She has done it 4 times now! I think when she begins driving by herself I will get a cord with a clip and have her clip the keys to her shirt. Then if she tries to get out without them it will stop her. Hey, at least she doesn't leave it in drive and get out! (I would laugh myself silly, once I got the car stopped, if she actually did that!)

We head out to LA on May 15th to meet the agent and talk over the contract. Then we will spend time with my wonderful sister and her family, flying home late Sunday or Monday. I want to minimize the amount os school she misses and yet I am not too worried. She is getting great grades and a day or two won't break her.

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