Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weekend photos

It is finally consistently warm enough to let Steve loose into the pond. Levi was all excited to let him go and we made a little ceremony out of it. He dove right into the water and started chasing minnows (Steve, not Levi!). We saw him surface a few times and Levi waved good bye. He is such a little food beggar that when we visit we will take him some dried shrimp and I'm sure we will see him often.

Levi wanted to run in the sprinkler for a while. He has a lot of fun and the yard got a good drink. If you look closely you will see that around his neck is the faintest of tan lines. 

We saw this crane at the pond, probably trying to catch some frogs. We have quite a few frogs already.
Chris has begun treating the pond to get the clay to settle. It's slowly getting better, even though it still looks like a giant mud puddle in this picture.
I bought this big turtle at a flea market down the road from us. I have been eyeing it for a long time. He had a couple of little buddies that I may end up going back for. 
Our sweet neighbor spread bluebonnet seed all around our pond last fall and we have lots popping up all over. It's really awesome to see.
I played with my camera some. I am still figuring out the millions of settings and functions it has. These photos of flowers are untouched. 


jeneflower said...

Great photos! What a fun place to run around. I love spring!

dana said...

Love the flea market turtle - how cute! You have always been so good at photography. I sure wish I could be there and running around with Levi. That is a "yard" made for a boy!! You are very blessed!!

Cherrie said...

I love the turtle!

My boys would love your yard...I agree with the previous comment...every boy's dream.

I wish it would warm up here. I guess this week it is starting too.
The four seasons of western PA:
Almost winter, Winter, STILL winter and Summer...LOL.


Krystal said...

I saw the flea market turtle in the background of one pic and thought that was so perfect for the playground area! Good find!!!