Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back in a rut

Levi is all better, no one else has gotten sick and we are settling back into the normal chaos of our lives. We only took Levi with us on this trip because the girls didn't want to miss school. Next month they will be going with me to LA to meet the agent and we will hit DisneyLand and see my sister and her family while we are there. The girls have been to DisneyWorld several times already, so they aren't upset. They wouldn't have wanted to stay with us and ride kiddie rides and I am not comfortable with letting them loose in the parks by themselves. (Mean Mom!)

I got new sheet/comforter sets for the boy's room (Ahren and Levi will share) I got a fantastic deal on 2 twin sets plus curtains. They have the Jeep logo on them and are a deep rusty-red and tan. They look awesome. I hate to spend too much on a little kid's room because they end up destroying them (vomit, pee, repeated washing, etc) or they get bigger and think they are too baby-ish. So for about $100 I re-decorated the whole room. Not bad! I do love a good deal!!!

While we were in DisneyWorld, out hotel toilet was one of those 'power-assist' low water flush untis. The kind that go BA-WHOOSH when they flush. Levi was bit scared of it and invariably left it unflushed. But Chris, well, Chris had a bit too much fun with the thing. Every time he went to flush it, he would yell 'Fire One' and then hit the handle. I am sure the neighbors could hear him. This caused Levi to giggle uncontrollably and me to roll my eyes (and maybe giggle a little, only I won't admit it in public!)

Swimming lessons begin soon for Levi. We want to put in a pool soon (by next spring) but I want to have him a little safer around water. He already thinks he can swim, or so he tells me. He doesn't realize that the suit he wore last year has floats built into it. He did in fact jump in and swim all over the place by himself, but with the aid of those floats. Now he needs to learn to swim for real. The lessons are 4 nights a week. Each session is 2 weeks long. We will sign him up and go for as many sessions as he wants/needs. Once the little ones come home they will get lessons too. Even though the pool will be safety fenced, I want all of them educated about pool safety and what to do if they fall in. You can never be too safe (or too paranoid!)

Has anyone else been watching Season 4 of Top Chef? I love that show but this season is annoyiong the heck out of me. All the swearing, crotch grabbing, chair throwing and theatrics is really detracting from the real point of the show. Food, flavor, combinations, technique. Instead, it has been all about personalities and drama. I usually get great dish ideas from watching, but all I have learned on this season is how to make bad food and throw a fit. (Hey, I already KNEW both of those!) If you are watching Top Chef this season, what do you think????

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Lilith said...

I watch Top Chef and I too have wondered why all the drama. Hopefully they'll step up and get back to what made them an Emmy nominated show in the first place!