Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pix as promised

The end of a long day.
We let him play a game in the carnival area at Animal Kingdom. he had 4 balls and he won prizes with the first two. The, lucky us, we got to tote them around the rest of the day!
Riding the teacups and screaming faster Faster!
Hangin' with Pluto.
Waiting patiently in a line. He was awesome at waiting!
Being gobbled up in The Sea at Epcot.
Stylin' in the 3D glasses.
Meeting a dino friend.
Drumming with the African Drummers at Epcot. 


angieshaffer said...

Was Levi the only one of your kids to go along? Just wondered since there were no pics of the girls....

dana said...

I can tell you all had a great time! Levi is a cutie, but I am just a wee bit biassed, you know...

Angel said...

Could he BE any cuter???? How fun. Where are your girlies? Too busy being famous models and super geniuses no doubt. ;0) Angel

Natalie C. said...

Good for Levi. He looked liked he had a blast.